Everybody Wants to Burn

Jake Speed -

Notes: The renewed interest in banning Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code (both movie and book) inspired this song. Everybody burns inside with questions. Everybody burns for answers about complicated issues that scare them to death. By banning The DaVinci Code, many religious leaders actually are banning inquiry. While church leaders busy themselves with anti-DaVinci Code pronouncements, their congregations pack into movie theatres and book stores to fulfill their natural curiosity. While The DaVinci Code's content may be fiction, its ability to raise questions in people's minds about assumptions and so-called religious truths makes it very real.

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There's a priest in the east who's mad and flying off the handle There's a mouth in the south in a church much worse than a vandal There's a paperback pile a mile that's ready for return There's a deacon leaking word of DaVinci Code book burns

Everybody wants to burn They're scared of what they'll learn Everybody wants to burn

There's a kid who hid his book in the nook of his Bible There's a few in the pew who hide theirs too near the aisle There's Catholic traffic back in the fiction section They're curious, worried if they read they'll be anyone to catch'em

There's a truth on the loose set free by a tall-tale legend There's something pumping deeper than the priests suspected

There's a fire higher up hiding everybody's questions There's a smoke that blows out the pulpit needing inspection We're a nation based on information, The truth it lies in the congregation Don't be afraid that a page will grant damnation