2016 Fall Arts Preview

Cincinnati's arts season begins now. Take a look at some of the highlights, from visual arts and theater to movies and Classical music.

click to enlarge Vincent van Gogh’s “Undergrowth with Two Figures” - Courtesy of the Cincinnati Art Museum
Courtesy of the Cincinnati Art Museum
Vincent van Gogh’s “Undergrowth with Two Figures”

Fall is when the new year begins as far as the annual arts calendar is concerned. It’s when major institutions and organizations like the Cincinnati Art Museum, Contemporary Arts Center, Taft Museum of Art, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Ensemble Theatre, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and many others spring back to life after relatively quiet summers.

It’s also when other organizations with an arts or cultural dimension — some of them longtime presences on the scene and some comparative upstarts — try to capture our attention with important special events like FotoFocus and Books by the Banks. Commercial and nonprofit galleries, too, aim for impressive shows.

Also, since we do not live by live local events alone, it’s when Oscar-hopeful movies arrive, often to our indie movie theaters, and high-profile new television series and books start to build their buzz.

The following is a look at some highlights of the upcoming arts season. CityBeat writers have provided features on four subjects — Classical music, film, theater and visual arts — as well as 25 picks of events they’re especially awaiting. 

This is not meant to be all-inclusive. It’s just a curated sample of what’s ahead and what we’ll be covering as the months go passing by — and what you should start planning to see and do.

Fall Arts Preview Contents: