Dead Musicians Society

Nov. 6 • Molly Malone's (Covington)

This year’s Halloween festivities seemed especially zombie-heavy. Zombies are cool and all but, jeesh, what happened to originality in costuming? Unless you were Zombie Billy Mays. Now that’s funny.

Anyway, if you did do the zombie dress-up thing and grew so attached you want to sport your costume again this weekend, you’d probably fit right in at Molly Malone’s in Covington Friday. That’s when local singer/songwriter Beau Alquizola puts on the show “Dead Musicians Society,” his annual benefit for the local Stop AIDS organization (

Alquizola and his band — along with Mike Fair and the Adventure Seekers, Sean P. Hafer, Lovely Crash, Greg Mahan, Messerly & Ewing and The Newbees — will be performing tunes from their favorite deceased musicians, taking on everybody from The Carpenters to Bo Diddley to The Ramones. (Note to performers: Please double check your tribute song to make sure the artist is actually dead; despite Internet reports earlier this year, Kanye West and Rick Astley are indeed still among the living.)

The fun starts at 9 p.m. Admission is $7 if you're 21 and over, $10 if you're 18-20.

(Get show and venue details here.)