Springsteen Goes Long, Eternal Skrillex and Olympic Disses

Springsteen breaks own "longest concert" record, Skrillex fans never have to be without him and Morrissey and Mitt Romney have something in common — they are unimpressed by the London Olympics.

click to enlarge Even on vacation, The Boss can't stop rockin'! (Photo: backstreets.com)
Even on vacation, The Boss can't stop rockin'! (Photo: backstreets.com)


Boss (Time) Hog
Bruce Springsteen’s website has verified that The Boss and his E Street Band officially played their longest concert ever a few weeks back in Helsinki. The impossibly enduring band set the record by performing for an astonishing four hours and six minutes (and, in case you aren’t familiar with the energy exertion at a Springsteen show, very little if any of that time included sitting on stools playing acoustics). I’m all for giving superfans what they want (it had to be a special moment for those in attendance that night), but, really, there are very few things in life I want to do for four hours straight besides sleep. The concert was so long, even Phish fans in the audience were like, “Let’s wrap this up, brah.”


Bass Drops Eternal
Rolling Stone recently reported that the company Aux.tv has a new website app dubbed (pun unavoidable) “The Skrillex Machine” that pumps bass-heavy Dubstep sounds on an endless loop while you

get worked up into a rage whenever anyone mentions Chik-fil-A on Facebook

work on your computer all day. For when pop-up ads, freezes and other computer bugs just aren’t annoying enough. The report also said that the music (and, presumably, use of the Dubstep superstar’s name in the product title) was co-opted without permission or license from Skrillex (so it may already be gone).


Olympics Is Murder?
Besides being incredibly well-coiffed gentlemen who probably pay more for haircuts than you and I pay for a decade’s worth of doctor’s visits (until Obamacare kicks in — then it’s all free, right?), Morrissey and Mitt Romney now have something else in common. Both have publicly dissed the London 2012 Olympics, to varying degrees of rudeness. (And yet neither’s complaints have included the fact that the “London 2012” logo appears to have been crafted with duct tape.) The Guardian published a letter the former Smiths singer sent to his fanclub about the Olympic games that read, in part, “It is lethal to witness. As London is suddenly promoted as a super-wealth brand, the England outside London shivers beneath cutbacks, tight circumstances and economic disasters.” He also accused the Olympics of “blustering jingoism,” but that could just be the title of his next album. Sly promo, Mozzers!