Minimum Gauge: With ISIS defeated, 100% employment and healthcare plan fixed, Republicans turn to real problems

Snoop Dogg's latest music video earns scorn from Republican representatives (and the prez!); Biggie Smalls receives tributes on 20th anniversary of his death; Kid Rock, American badass grillmaster?

HOT: Little Marco vs. Big Snoop

  • Rapper Snoop Dogg took a break from hanging out with Martha Stewart to release the most politically charged song (and music video) of his career. The Hip Hop legend’s clip for the fierce “Lavender” reimagines society as (literally) a world of clowns, and features scenes depicting the murder of a clown-driver by a clown-cop, as well as a scene in which Snoop shoots a clown-Trump with an obvious toy gun (not the kind that gets a 12-year-old gunned down by police in seconds; Snoop’s shoots out a cartoon “Bang”). It was only a matter of time before some conservative snowflake cried about the video; senator Marco Rubio decided to go first, telling TMZ, “Snoop shouldn’t have done that” because someone might see it and decide to assassinate the president. Or go to clown college.

UPDATE: As has happened a few times this year already, President Trump did not disappoint those waiting for him to respond to frivolous matters and posted his epic Snoop take-down after we went to press with this item.

WARM: Biggie Salutes

  • Hip Hop icon Notorious B.I.G. received a broad range of tributes on the 20th anniversary of his murder. New York congressman Hakeem Jeffries honored the rapper with a speech to Congress, forever ensuring that the opening lines of “Juicy” are included in the congressional record; NBA team the Brooklyn Nets also gave those words permanence on a banner unveiled at its home arena on “Biggie Night.” And in the U.K., the Express newspaper (and, afterwards, several other British tabloids) asked “Biggie Smalls Alive?” in its headline for a “story” about an old “drunken selfie” taken at a bachelor party and posted by some dude on Instagram that included someone who kind of looked like Biggie in the background.

COLD: Devil Without a Grill

  • A few weeks ago, word spread that die-hard Trump supporter Kid Rock was being courted by the GOP for a possible senatorial run. But the rocker isn’t just sitting around brushing up on policy propositions — he’s got a charcoal grill business to launch! Rock promoted his new American Badass Grill line in the most ’Merica way he could think of — by shooting not-American-made grills out of the sky with a shotgun in an Instagram video. (Seriously.) Cuz if you ain't like something, SHOOT IT (except you, Snoop).