Jason Brunson

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Jason Brunson

Jason Brunson's graffiti-inspired work is currently on view at Feralmade in Northside through May 3 in Plump & Plush, an exhibition of wall painting, canvas, paper work and toys that the gallery describes as "an animated stampede of a massive zoo escape." Here, in his own words, Brunson shares what inspires him. (Tamera Lenz Muente)

Tattooing. My entire life has revolved around this in some way, including two of my main influences, my father and my mother (local tattoo artists Dana and Dot). It is one of the hardest mediums I have ever used and has caused me many hours of stress — can you say "ulcer"?

Graffiti. This has probably had the biggest part in shaping my art. I started in 1993 and haven't stopped. If it weren't for graffiti I would have never met the people who I look up to (other graffiti artists like scribe, dalek and east) and would have never caused my parents stress.

My Family. My wife (soul 1), my son (k-man) and my French bulldog (Frenchie) have put up with all my travels, craziness and stress. They are the backbone in my sometimes hectic life.

DF ATT Massive. This is the main group of Hip Hop wizards I paint with. They have all been great friends, and some a little more, and have also been very helpful in my male-modeling career. Thanks!

eBay. Come on! You know everyone does it. Where else could I find all the cool stuff that I don't need but somehow bid on anyway, like kite ballet videos for $2.36? I love the interweb.

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