Releasing Negativity

Road to Wellness

In my healing practice, I see many individuals who are in physical or emotional pain. Anxiety "eats" at them; they have felt helpless to make the changes that they need to make. There are many issues to be addressed, but one of the most common factors is the way life is experienced — the glass is usually half empty.

Everything is energy. It surrounds us, it's inside of us and we create it with every thought, word and action. Each thought (and even intention) is a seed sown, whether it blows on the wind or is planted inside of us. We give it out, and we receive it through our chakras, or our body's energy centers.

Some of us were influenced by a negative upbringing and might not realize that we perpetuate those attitudes. We might have friends, family or colleagues who see themselves only as victims or blame others for their circumstances. There are negative classrooms, institutions, offices, etc. Whether or not we're sensitive to this, we suffer from this dense cloud of energy.

When we're in a negative environment or frame of mind, we simply do not feel good. It might manifest as anxiety, illness, aches, pains or even depression. It's important to take a good look at the people you come in contact with and also to listen to your own words and thoughts to see where it's coming from.

This might seem simplistic, but to remedy this aspect of your life can have far-reaching effects. What kind of energy are you putting out there?

There's a positive side to everything as well — start looking for it! Create positivity in every way possible, and you will just automatically raise the vibration in you and around you. Some might need help in releasing worn out beliefs or attitudes, but it's worth the work to make a better life for yourself and those you touch.

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