Like Bells and Lifelike

June 1 • Mayday

On Like Bells’ self-titled debut album, the Oberlin, Ohio band made waves in the music press with their instrumental, progressive sound, earning comparisons to The Dirty Three (thanks to the skilled, expressive violin of Garrett Openshaw) and Post Rock faves Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Palma, the band’s sophomore effort (the release of which coincides with the trio’s appearance at Mayday), is a logical next step in Like Bells’ evolution, as vocal melodies and lyrics enter the equation more prominently. The singing is in line with the band’s overall M.O., where each instrument plays a guiding role in the band’s sweeping, moody dreamscapes (the drums, for example, provide color, texture and drama instead of just a backbeat).

The band’s songs roll out like Classical compositions (each member was a music major at Oberlin College), eschewing the verse/chorus formula for something more atmospheric and stream of conscious. For Tuesday’s free show, Like Bells (pictured) is joined by locals Lifelike, a relatively new, progressive Indie Rock crew.

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