Scrubs: The Complete Sixth Season (Buena Vista)

Video and DVD


2006, Not Rated

With the writer's strike in full swing, the final season of Scrubs will likely come to resemble My Funny Frankenstein, the concluding comic series based on creating a semblance of reality from little more than a well-executed gimmick of a premise. While hardly a diehard fan of the series, one of its charming qualities is the ease with which it allows even the most casual viewer to jump right in and feel, after an episode or two, like they've been there with the gang of medical residents from the very beginning. Season six's 22-episodes rush headlong, tripping over musical moments, tragedy and its standard interior humor (worn on the outside like Madonna's bullet bra) without missing a beat. Each and every episode on the three-disc set comes with commentary from actors, writers, producers and more, but its best to simply let the comic mania play uninterrupted because there's a degree of genius at work. Behind all of the humor, Scrubs seems to offer a far more insightful glance into the lives of its emergency medical team than the gaggle of medical dramas beating the genre to death. (tt stern-enzi) Grade: B+