Cover Story: CEAs

By The Numbers

10: This year is the 10th annual Cincinnati Entertainment Awards

6: Total number of CEAs won by Jake Speed with and without his Freddies over the years, the most awards won by any single act

13: Total number of CEA nominations for Iswhat?! over the years, including 2006, the most nominations for any single act

5: Number of acts who were nominated for CEAs the first year (1997) as well as this year — Iswhat?!, Kelly Richey, Sonny Moorman, Chris Sherman (SHAG in 1997 and Freekbass this year) and The Greenhornes (Patrick Keeler and Jack Lawrence this year)

3: Most CEAs won in any one year by a single act — The Tigerlilies (1997), Jake Speed (2002) and Heartless Bastards (2005)

4: Most CEA nominations in any one year by a single act — David Wolfenberger (1999), Jake Speed (2002), Heartless Bastards (2005), Iswhat?! (2006) and Heartless Bastards (2006)

11: Number of total CEA nominations for Chuck Cleaver over the years (for Ass Ponys, Wussy and himself as singer/songwriter)

1,200: Number of CEA ballots cast by the public in 1997, with the majority being paper ballots in CityBeat

7,000: Number of CEA music ballots cast by the public in 2006, with the vast majority being online ballots; an additional 2,500 ballots were cast for the theater CEAs earlier this year

3: Number of New Artist of the Year winners who won a CEA in a later year — Fairmount Girls, The Stapletons and Kim Taylor

2: Number of New Artist of the Year winning bands who broke up before they could win another CEA — All Weather Girl and The Cathedrals

9: Number of acts who have won a total of three or more CEAs over the years — Jake Speed (6), Fairmount Girls (4), Freekbass (4), Ass Ponys (3), Comet Bluegrass Allstars (3), Heartless Bastards (3), Ricky Nye (3), Ray's Music Exchange (3) and The Tigerlilies (3)

8: Number of acts who have been nominated a total of eight or more times over the years — Iswhat?! (13), The Greenhornes (11), Jake Speed (11), Heartless Bastards (10), Dallas Moore (9), Ricky Nye (8), Janet Pressley (8) and David Wolfenberger (8)

1: Number of CEA Music Nominating Committee chairmen over the years — Mike Breen