President of the Internet

Jake Speed -

Naturally, I thought I'd be writing about Shotgun Dick Cheney and his bout with lawlessness. However, by the end of the week, the whole thing had pelted me in the face so much that I didn't want to have anything to do with bird shot and bad aim. Recently, I've been wearing a pin that states "Mark Twain For President: It's Better to be Popular than Right." While I'm not a President or right, I am popular because I have red hair. So is the Internet. Put the two together and have a song. Happy Presidents Day to me!

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President of the Internet

Listen up folks, there?s change coming on If you can't stand the heat, then you better log off The whole wide world is running on the net The digital country could be better If it only had a leader to bring it all together What we all need now is an online president

I?m running for president of the internet I'm running for president of the internet Dot net, dot org, dot com, World wide web: bring it on

When elected, I won't be biased I'll give everybody against me a virus If you're not online with me, access will be denied I'll have my space, you can have yours We'll all be equal unless there's wars Then we'll all be fine, except your space will be mine

When in office, I'll have a blog I'll let the whole world know all my thoughts You can have one too if your thought-blog links to mine Submit to me your hopes and dreams And I'll make sure the whole world sees The vision we know's right downloaded on my site


After you all vote for me I'll uphold the sanctity Of website links between women and men We'll let two linked sites divorce God says that's allright, of course But God forbid two men link up, Lord, that's a sin

The power will be mine, all mine To google search and seize your site You can try and block the spam, but you can never block the Man Just copy me in all your letters Then this whole world will be much better Accept this simple tenet and I'll forward you to heaven