Literary: Mercantile First Wednesday Book Group

Someone once told me that if one were to read just the titles of all the books that are published in a day it would take 20 years. I go through stages when I don’t sleep, not because I can’t sleep but because I am overwhelmed thinking about all the books out there and to stay awake reading. But as you know, it’s impossible to go without sleep for long, therefore the best thing for you and I to do is to use our time before and after resting to swallow up words. However, again, you and I are aware that more than often “life” comes between the stories and us. Work is a leading antagonist of time and unfortunately a necessity for the majority of us. The Mercantile Library has found a small yet extraordinary way for time and books to win against life and work. On the first Wednesday of each month during your noon-1 p.m. lunch hour, you can munch while joining in their book discussion group. Interact and share with other avid book lovers while remembering that imagination is a catalyst for happiness. This week's novel is The Hunger Games: Book One; see for a list of what is being read in the upcoming months. No charge for members; $5 for nonmembers. 414 Walnut St. #1100, Downtown. 513-621-0717.