A Simmons Tizzy, The Black Eyed Keys, Willy O

You start a kick-ass Blues/Rock duo, work hard building a “cult” following and become commercially successful and make music so amazing even MTV can’t ignore it. The video is so great, it wins a "Breakthrough Video" VMA> So, The Black Keys, nothing can k


Hackers Attack Hack

If you can say one good thing about Rock & Roll’s most beloved asshole, Gene Simmons of KISS, it’s that he never sugarcoats what he says, no matter how stupid. But his tough-guy bravado about illegal downloaders recently got two of his Web sites taken down due to attacks by the hackers that use the name “Anonymous.” The notoriously money-grubbing Rock star blamed the music industry’s lack of tough action on illegal file-sharers for the industry’s struggles, saying they “didn’t have the balls to go and sue every fresh-faced, freckle-faced college kid who downloaded a clip.” Anonymous — which has gone after law firms and other organizations with strong pro-copyright opinions — responded by overloading and knocking out GeneSimmons.com and SimmonsRecords.com (both of which were still off-line at press time). Simmons responded by saying his legal team and the FBI are on the case and will put the attackers in jail, “sue their pants off” and post their names and photos. Gene, make sure you get permission before you runs those photos — you wouldn’t want to break any copyright laws now, would you?


“The Black” Something Or Other

You start a kick-ass Blues/Rock duo in Akron, Ohio, work hard building a “cult” following that grows so big you become commercially successful and make an album, song and video so amazing even MTV can’t ignore it. In fact, the video is so great, it is not only nominated for a Video Music Award for “Breakthrough Video,” it wins! So, The Black Keys, nothing can kill the high you’re on right now, right? Well, nothing except finally receiving your trophy, only to find that the name of your band is, ahem, “misspelled” as “The Black Eyed Peas.” The band posted a pic of the award on its Facebook page recently, with the caption, “We are super proud of fergie!!!”


Disposable Hero of Hypocrisy

Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly has proven himself to be no fan of Hip Hop, having attempted to start feuds with rappers like Ludacris and Jay-Z because they dare express opinions that differ from his and are destroying the minds of our youth. Recently, the blowhard picked up his attack on Eminem (he attacked the rapper last year for a funny rhyme about nailing Sarah Palin), calling him a hypocrite because the MC said he does not use profanity around his own children. “That does not add up,” O’Reilly said on his show. “You sell a product aimed at young people and then you ban that product in your own home.” We bet that dude who plays Freddy Krueger doesn’t even terrorize his children while they sleep every night, too! So this means O’Reilly annoys and lies to his own kids daily (except weekends) and, in lieu of bedtime stories, reads to them from the daily Republican talking points?