Aug. 30 • Northside Tavern

Jim Morrison said it 40-plus years ago, and it might well still be true: The West is the best. There’s more than a hint of The Doors’ dark poetic vision in the work of Spindrift, the latest projectors of dreamy, psychedelic, cinematic L.A. soundscapes, but that’s certainly not the only weapon in the band’s formidable sonic arsenal.

Spindrift paints vivid canvases in the air, utilizing a palette that contains shades of Ennio Morricone’s flawless Spaghetti Western shimmer, Calexico’s ethnic desert twang, the aformentioned Doors’ sense of artful anticipation, the droning urban Folk of the Velvet Underground and varying dashes of Gypsy Jazz, moss-draped and humidity-drenched Blues and Mexican music of every conceivable stripe. All of it is underpinned with an acid-hazed consciousness and an eye toward the satellites.

Spindrift actually began as two bi-coastal bands under the direction of frontman Kirkpatrick Thomas, but his California relocation inspired him to mix the East Coast Rock with the West Coast twang. Assembling various former members of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Warlocks, Thomas fashioned Spindrift into a seven-piece combination of psychedelic bar band and carnival orchestra. Spindrift’s singular sound inspired Sex Pistols’ guitarist Steve Jones to feature the band on his highly regarded L.A. radio show, which in turn led to soundtrack offers; the band’s music is prominently featured in the new indie film The Legend of God’s Gun, and they have a track in the Quentin Tarentino-produced Hell Ride.

All this exposure culminated in Spindrift becoming the first to sign with The Dandy Warhols’ new indie label Beat the World for the group’s new full length, The West. Turn on, tune in, twang out.

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