CineX kicks off

Theaters, Actors, Etc.

Sometimes the political scene offers the best in human drama, so it's only appropriate that an organization with theater at its core should be offering political commentary. The new CINCINNATI EXPERIMENTAL ARTS (CineX), dedicated to the development, expansion and innovation of the performing arts, will present the second Cincinnati Fringe Festival next June. But this fall, CineX kicks off its programming with ARTISTS FOR CHANGE, a two-day artistic protest against apathy, set for Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 (11 a.m.-10 p.m. on Thursday; 11 a.m.-Midnight on Friday) on Fountain Square in Downtown Cincinnati. CineX seeks artists to perform and display works about society and the politics of our world and our city. Cincinnati Fringe and CineX organizer JASON BRUFFY says, "The role of artists in society is to transcend and comment upon that society. Too often we find ourselves shouting in closets. We hope that this will bring what the artists have to say to the masses." The cornerstone of Artists for Change will be ONLY WE WHO GUARD THE MYSTERY SHALL BE UNHAPPY, a new play by Tony Kushner (who wrote Angels in America). The piece, featuring First Lady Laura Bush reading to a group of dead Iraqi children, will be presented at least twice. Artists interested in exercising their freedom of speech and effecting change are urged to contact Bruffy: 513-319-9385 or [email protected]. ...

Writer- director Neil LaBute's contemporary films, In the Company of Men and Your Friends & Neighbors, are searing and seductive meditations on art and human relationships. His play, THE SHAPE OF THINGS, set at a small Midwestern college, is about four students who take the concept of self-improvement and makeovers to an unprecedented level. The play (also a 2003 film) will be presented Wednesday through Saturday by NEW STAGE COLLECTIVE (NSC), a set of college students in its second season of presenting out-of-the-ordinary fare. In July they admirably staged the dark musical, Side Show. NSC's co-founder and artistic director ALAN PATRICK KENNY, a graduate of Sycamore High (2000) and New York University (2004), is directing MATT ALBONETTI, BLAKE GEHRING, KERA HALBERSLEBEN and SYDNEY MORTON in The Shape of Things at The Greenwich, 2442 Gilbert Ave., Walnut Hills. Tickets: 513-293-6063