David Wilcox

April 16-17 • The Monastery

Seeing your favorite artists live is always a kick, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit in while they recorded an album? Fans of David Wilcox — and anyone who loves James Taylor’s contemporary Folk songcraft and intricate guitar work should be: Wilcox’s work over the past two decades stands shoulder to shoulder with Sweet Baby James — can do that very thing Friday and Saturday, when Wilcox visits Ric Hordinski’s Monastery studio (2601 Stanton Ave., Walnut Hills).

For a reasonable $20, you'll bear silent witness to the live recording of Wilcox’s new solo acoustic album; the ticket price will also earn you an MP3 of the resulting album when it’s finished. Hardcore fans need not worry that this will be an evening of all new songs; plenty of old faves will be presented during the course of both shows.

According to Hordinski, Friday night’s session is essentially sold out, although he might shoehorn in a few more, but there's still space available for Saturday night, so reserve your place while you can. Just remember: This is a recording session, not a club date; hold your applause until the all clear, no drunken lurching disguised as dancing, no campfire singalongs, no shouted requests for “Free Bird” and turn off that damn cell phone.

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