Calling Mom

Regarding Larry Gross´ column "Kids Having Kids" (issue of March 12), I wanted to share that poor parenting is definately not limited to the young. I have worked in retail for 22 years, and I

Regarding Larry Gross´ column "Kids Having Kids" (issue of March 12), I wanted to share that poor parenting is definately not limited to the young.

I have worked in retail for 22 years, and I can attest to the fact that poor parenting runs amuck in all generations of spawners. I see parents from all walks of life with parenting skills I wouldn´t trust for my dogs. The most common violation I see on a daily basis is the exact one Gross described in his column: leaving the child unattended.

Sadly in the retail business there´s some perverse notion that a retail worker will look after said child while Mom wanders around the store looking for the best deal. Meanwhile, the child is running about or racing on healies, the inventor of which needs to be shot (but that´s another story) and in many instances has actually fled the store or building, unbeknownst to Mom.

Many parents just completely igonore their children as they shop and then have the audacity to snap at you when you speak to the child about their behavior. I´ll speak to the child politely at first, asking them to stop what they´re doing when that behavior has reached the point of potentially endangering themselves or others. Then Mom has a fit telling me that I need to speak to her, not the child.

My currrent job allows me to see mostly white late twenties to early forties parents behaving badly on a daily basis.

So as an addendum to this column: It´s not just the young people.

Dawn Chilly, Loveland

Butt Out
I read Larry Gross´ columns sometimes. I think he means well and all, but he shouldn´t stick his nose into another parents´ business.

After reading "Kids Having Kids" (issue of March 12), I don´t know how I would have reacted if Gross approach me about the way I was handling my child. I don´t think I would have liked it, and he probably would have gotten an earful from me.

Dee Lucus, Over-the-Rhine

Voting System Not the Problem
Joe Wessels´ voting-related column is disingenuous ("A Voe for a Better Voting System," issue of March 12). I have been a presiding judge for more than five years, and the judgeship is onerous only if one has fools, morons or lazy-assed people as poll workers; it is certainly not taxing. Underpaid, yes, but not so far that people don´t return year after year.

I grant you the new system is not the greatest, but voters are not prepared by the Board of Elections to vote. Many electoral districts in the U.S. mount massive educational and hands-on practice campaigns after making a system switch, but not here. The West Side, Catholic-led, anal-retentive board doesn´t really care, and people are not provided rational education or PR effort.

When the judge held up Wessels´ ballot to scan visually for over-voting, that person broke the law. Certainly, Wessels should have known better! Judges are not allowed to handle your ballot unless it is spoiled or defaced; otherwise, the law is breached.

Training is totally inadequate. First, the trainers are not well trained themselves, and $15 per hour isn´t much financial incentive to excel. The emphasis on "getting you out of here soon" is a joke.

Training ought to be at least four hours in length and include lots of hands-on activity, including opening and closing polls, completing provisional envelopes and ballot accounting i.e., how many ballots, how many envelopes, et cetera. That´s where improvement can be had.

None of the leaders at the Hamilton County Board of Elections, however, seem to want to listen to suggestions. Only during the primary season did they finally implement a suggestion I made long ago: segregate presiding judges from the others.

The system isn´t really broken; the people who provide for using the system seem not to care and thus are the problem. That´s where changes are needed.

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is an idiot and doesn´t really understand the election system. She is obvioulsy setting up to run for another office; God forbid that she´s successful.

William Herbert Smith,