Bar Talk: Cody Monk

General Manager of The Anchor-OTR

For our annual Drinking Issue, we chatted with a handful of Cincy bartenders and mixologists to pick their brains about which cocktail they make that's their favorite and where else they drink when they aren't at work.

Name: Cody Monk

Title: General Manager of The Anchor-OTR

Favorite Drink to Make: I woke up one day and thought we should put squid ink in a cocktail — you can put it in pasta; it’s edible. It’s called Black Tot Day. It’s named after July 31 in 1970 when the British navy sailors stopped getting their daily stipend of rum. We actually use a navy rum in the cocktail called Pusser’s. We make a squid ink syrup with squid ink and sugar; that’s the sweet element of the cocktail. We also use lime juice because rum and lime always go together. I wanted a spice aspect, too, so we use a ginger syrup. It’s black but it’s an egg white cocktail so it’s kind of a light gray on top and the cocktail itself is jet black. It’s almost like a spiced daiquiri. It looks like a Guinness in a glass, but it drinks really bright.

Favorite Place to Drink After Work: Either Longfellow or Liberty’s Bar & Bottle. At Longfellow, (I like) their Shiso Painkiller. It’s a great Tiki drink and it doesn’t taste like alcohol at all. It’s very fruity but refreshing. At Liberty’s, a High Life and a shot of well whiskey.