Woody Guthrie Blues

Jake Speed -

Notes: In honor of Woody Guthrie's birthday (July 14th), I thought I'd write a song about how much we all miss him and his music. I borrowed a simple tune from a song he wrote in his Columbia River Collection called Jackhammer John. Woody borrowed the tune from a Delmore Brother's song called Brown's Ferry Blues Of course, most of Woody's tunes were borrowed from other songs (mainly Carter Family songs); Woody was too busy writing thousands of lyrics to be dusted down with trying to pry up new tunes.Whenever I get frustrated with the world, I always dance back to a Woody recording or passage to rejuvenate my soul they've never failed me.

Woody Guthrie Blues"Click here to Listen"

I turned off the radio The songs they play ain't got no soul Where's the songs that gnaw and chew And make a man think something through

Lord, Lord. I got them Woody Guthrie Blues.

I turned off the highway road Searching for a local store Corporate man's got a great big hand He's swept away the local brand

I turned off my new iMac Songs should come from human hands Pretty Boy Floyd and Do Re Mi I'll sing without a computer?s screen

I turned up my long shirt sleeves I work all day to pay gas fees The rich get rich, the poor get poor Then go and fight the rich man's war

If I could hitchhike out to space I'd grab my hat and leave this place I'd jump the moon and ride the stars And find old Woody and his guitar

We'd sing So Long, It?s Been Good to Know Ya Brownie, Sonny, and Cisco'd join us We'd sing it loud, we'd sing it firm We'd sing it for the whole wide world