Locals Only: : Clause 83

Cutting through the bullshit and not fearing flaming beds ... or much else

Shawn Abnoxious

Clause 83

Clause 83 will self-admittedly say that not all their songs are political but mostly about trying to just live life. In a modern society that's based on lies, psychosis and xenophobia, this would mean that there is a bunch to go through. So the lines might be blurred a bit. Life is political, believe it or not. Everything you have read until now, or from now on, or even this article — it might all be lies.

But you know what's said: If you notice a lie, then that lie ceases to be just a lie. It becomes entertainment! So don't fall into the trap of being fooled! Clause 83 is not here to fool you. There's enough bullshit around without them laying down some fresh piles.

That thing in front of you on stage, in front of the dartboards hanging behind them on the wall, it's a band. It's Clause 83 and you can't believe your eyes, but a few people around you have darts in their hands. You feel things are about to get brutal but they show no fear. What you are now witnessing is authenticity at its best. In today's music industry it's hard to find such a thing, but it's out there. In bands like Clause 83, a spirit, realness and a truth treads onward.

Whether there are 100 people in front of them ready to throw darts, insults or beer bottles, or just one guy with his zipper down drinking coffee, this band delivers the goods. They've seen it all before and they will see it again. Their music is a soundtrack for the good, the bad and the dangerous times. Their sound is a document of what it is to be a fuck-up, a winner and everything else in between. Call it Punk, Hardcore or whatever. Those are your terms, not theirs.

Clause 83 is a band of veterans. Andy Leahy, the sole guitarist smiles and looks at you with eyes that some would find crazy but others familiar. His breakneck guitar style seems too much to handle with just one guy, one guitar and two hands.

Ralph Parker wields the bass and switches vocal duties on and off through Clause 83's set. It gets no more genuine than Ralph. To know him is to know inspiration, friendship and honesty.

Rich Wasson, the barefooted-drumming vocal beast. His smile is a reassuring one. He told a story about his couch catching fire and him lackadaisically telling his roommates who were astonished by his news. But, as Rich says, it was no big deal because this was the second time he found it on fire. And since it turned out OK the first time, no reason to get all worked up a second time.

Clause 83 brings truckloads of honesty that you don't need to question. It's all there, in the open. Do yourself a favor: Get in your car, go to the record store (remember how?) and get their 2007 self-release Yer Bedroom's on Fire. Put it in your player, turn up the volume and feel the real.

Revel in it.

For more on CLAUSE 83, including upcoming shows, check myspace.com/clause83.