Rediscovering the Sexual Self

Road to Wellness

Are you a sexually passionate being? If not, why not? After all, sexual passion doesn't come with a price tag attached. It exists within everyone, regardless of age.

Sexual passion translates into a passion for life and a desire to explore and to create. In its most sublime form, it unites partners in divine union so they can soar together into the realm of pure love.

Given all the blessings it bestows, you'd think everyone would be sexually passionate. Unfortunately, because of misplaced guilt, social pressures and religious programming, etc., sexual passion lies dormant in so many people.

Interested in turning your spark of sexual passion into a flame that can change your life? Cynthia Amrita Rothchild, one of Cincinnati's foremost teachers of the Eastern art of tantra, has created a workshop to do precisely that. It's called "Sexual Self Discovery," a class designed to "midwife and give birth to your Sexually Passionate Self."

Through a unique questionnaire, group discussion, creative visualization, sexual exercises and self expression through dance, the workshop will awaken your own "inner lover." Cynthia has incorporated tantric practices and knowledge into the workshop.

"In tantra, we accept sexuality as a natural and beautiful part of life," she says. "Far from being sinful, sexual passion and expression are viewed as part of the divine play of energy. Tantra enables people to experience life to its fullest and to expand their consciousness into higher realms."

Cynthia explains that through tantric practices it's possible to balance within oneself the "shakti," or female energy, and the "shiva," or male energy. When this balance is achieved, people can experience their inner lover. "Only through loving yourself can you truly love others," she says. "When you change yourself, you change the world ... and your relationships."

Cynthia will be hosting the workshop with her partner Kingsley from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Oct. 5 in Madeira. There's no explicit sexual activity or nudity, and singles and beginners are welcome. For more information about tantra and the other sessions she offers, contact Waves of Bliss Aquatic Bodywork and Tantra at 513-225-5546, [email protected] or

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