New Years' Resolutions

Road to Wellness

What do you resolve to change or do differently this coming year?At year's end, many of us take stock of our lives and circumstances and decide what works and what doesn't. We intend to do better, start a business, eat right, exercise, make or break a habit, get organized and so on. Setting goals is easy and positive. So why do most of these good intentions — that would enhance the quality of our lives — fall by the wayside?

Most likely, a subconscious belief blocks us from achieving or getting what we want.Here is a short list of common ones:

· Believing you are not worthy or deserving of success.

· Fearing success or failure — or both.

· Not believing in yourself or your abilities.

· Fearing change.

· Doubting that you can or will achieve your goal.

· Fearing that achieving your goal will have negative repercussions.

The list goes on and on. These subconscious objections were formed many years ago, usually from an incident of failure or perceived failure. Perhaps someone — a friend, parent or authority figure — made a pronouncement on you and/or your abilities, or you just decided it for yourself after a scary, hurtful or embarrassing incident.

These negative emotional experiences create fear that literally stops you in your tracks, causing self-sabotage. In a contest between your conscious will (power) and your subconscious objections, your subconscious always wins.

There are many ways for you to locate these incidents, release the emotion connected to them and introduce new, positive beliefs. Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Theta Healing and BodyTalk are all excellent methods of clearing obstacles that stand in the way of your success.

A clean slate is the best place to begin!

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