Minimum Gauge: Canadian Leader Makes Spotify Playlist, Reminds Us of Better Times

Justin Trudeau creates his "PM Mix" for Spotify; that awful movie about Queen has a new Freddie Mercury and a title; Kid Rock's really gonna do this shit?

click to enlarge "Have you ever heard of this band called Rush?"
"Have you ever heard of this band called Rush?"

PM Yawn

Our cool stepdad to the north, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, recently offered a glimpse of what North American leaders were like in gentler times with his “PM Mix” on Spotify. Though not limited to Canadians, Trudeau includes plenty (The Tragically Hip, K-OS, Robbie Robertson, Drake, etc.), while also dropping in a couple of possible cry-for-help selections like R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” and Gary Jules’ version of “Mad World” (you OK, buddy?). Though somewhat boring and predictable, the playlist is still fairly charming in the way it makes you imagine what it would be like if your main issue with the leader of your country was his taste in Sarah McLachlan songs.

They Won’t Rock Us

When the on-again/off-again movie about Queen and frontman Freddie Mercury was last in the news, it was revealed that the film is going to be really bad — like “just do it for Lifetime” bad — because the surviving band members expect the plot’s climax to be Queen’s post-Mercury rebirth with a new lead singer, a decision that led Sacha Baron Cohen to quit the project. A new Freddie — Mr. Robot star Rami Malek — was recently announced for the doomed flick, as well as a title: Bohemian Rhapsody. 

Make America Say “Fuck  It” Again?

In an attempt to see just how much lower voters are willing to go, Kid Rock seemingly verified his plans to run for a Michigan Senate seat next year. After launching a website to sell “Kid Rock for U.S. Senate” merchandise ($15.99 for a yard sign, y’all!), Rock posted a meandering “campaign announcement” with an image of a car’s fuel gauge doctored to indicate that Rock’s “fuck tank” is on empty. He also released two new songs/videos that he said were a part of his campaign messaging (one with the line, “I’m a cyclone of shit wherever I roam,” so maybe?). Senator Elizabeth Warren sent a warning/fundraising email to supporters reminding them about a certain other impossible candidate who was laughed off as a joke or PR stunt.