Minimum Gauge: Does getting goosebumps from music mean you're in better touch with your emotions?

The 'Oxford Academic' publishes 'musical goosebumps = emotionally in-tune' correlation study; Toni Basil wants money for 'Mickey' misuse; Kid Rock tells campaign watchdog group to go enjoy themselves, alone and in a sexual manner.

click to enlarge Minimum Gauge: Does getting goosebumps from music mean you're in better touch with your emotions?
Photo: Kashirin Nickolai (CC-by-2.0)

HOT: Music and Goosebumps

A University of Southern California student is the source of the latest “no duh” study that probably doesn’t mean anything but will likely score tons of headlines from information-starved music-news outlets not wanting to write about Taylor Swift anymore (oh, hi!). Published in the very-smart-sounding-so-it-must-be-legit Oxford Academic, the study finds that people who get goosebumps while listening to music are better in touch with their emotions. The student — who used a massive sample pool of 20 people(!) — says his findings suggest music could be used for patients in therapy for depression. (This is also hardly a new revelation.)

Yeah, but what if "Goosebumps" gives you goosebumps?

WARM: Oh, “Mickey”

Toni Basil — best remembered for her early ’80s hit “Mickey” and its MTV-ubiquitous cheerleader music video — is now in her 70s and suing several companies over use of her most famous song, which the suit claims causes her “sleep deprivation, nightmares and anxiety.” Though she doesn’t own the song rights (and the song itself is a reworking of the track “Kitty” by British band Racey; see below), Basil’s lawyers say the parody of “Mickey” used in a 2008 South Park episode (which is likely protected because it's a parody) and straight-up use of the song in a Forever 21 commercial (among other uses) have harmed her brand, the value of which she apparently and refreshingly low-balls — she’s reportedly only seeking around $25,000 in damages.

COLD: Kid Rock Acting Presidential

Rocker Kid Rock still hasn’t officially declared if he will run for a Senate seat repping Michigan, despite releasing “Kid Rock for Senate” merchandise and earning support from Republicans eager to test GOP voters’ limits. But an independent, non-partisan watchdog organization has filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission and Department of Justice, arguing that by Rock selling merchandise and explicitly asking fans to buy it and “donate to the campaign,” he is violating campaign laws. Rock addressed the complaints in the “fake news” with a succinct, Trumpian denial stating he hasn’t announced his run and also, “Go fuck yourselves.”

Yeah, sure, maybe Bob could use one of his own songs for his campaign's theme music (like that one that rips off "Sweet Home Alabama" or the dozen or so Seger/Ford truck commercial rip-offs), OR he could use a good song like this: