City and Colour

Nov. 19 • Bogart's

Dallas Green hasn’t won American Idol, shown up to an award show in drag or hanged himself in any of his music videos. He hasn’t needed the aid of reality television or publicity stunts to draw attention. The extent of Green’s publicity moves has been changing the name under which he records and performs. Though even under the City and Colour moniker, he has managed to stay true to himself. After all, Dallas is a city and Green is a color. His unique vocals over bluesy Folk and Indie/Alternative-inspired music are all Green has needed in order to gain fans.

Then again, Green has been slowly pulling in fans for quite awhile. He’s been performing for over a decade, first touring with Canadian Post Hardcore band Alexisonfire and then on his own (Green released the first two City and Colour albums, in 2005 and 2008, while he was still an active member of Alexisonfire). In September 2010, Green released a remix and previously unreleased single with Canadian Hip-Hop artist Shad. Then, in early 2011, after Alexisonfire announced its split (partially due to City and Colour’s unbridled success), Green headed back into the studio to record his third solo album.

Little Hell came out just a few short months later. That familiar hollow sound on the album comes from being recorded live and on tape in Ontario’s Catherine North Studios. The album draws from the experiences Green and his family have faced. From his wife’s night terrors to his sister’s rough patch, Little Hell is both a personal diary and a family scrapbook. The title track refers to the little Heavens and little Hells one must go through in love and life. It’s the perfect summation of the album’s themes and Green’s sweet voice shines hope on even his most hellish of situations.

CITY AND COLOUR plays Bogart's Saturday, Nov. 19. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.