Looking to Hookup? Drive to Dayton, Ohio — One of the Horniest Cities in America

Get ready for a vaxxed and waxed hot girl summer road trip to the Gem City.

click to enlarge Dayton, Ohio is crawling with people looking to get their freak on. - Photo: CC/flickr.com/photos/dougtone
Photo: CC/flickr.com/photos/dougtone
Dayton, Ohio is crawling with people looking to get their freak on.

Feeling twirly and looking for some action to get this vaxxed and waxed hot girl summer started? 

Head to Dayton, Ohio — one of America's top 10 horniest cities, according to a recent study.

LawnStarter, a lawn care site which has zero business reporting on our collective sex drive, made a list of the 200 most libidinous metropolises in the U.S.

After a year of pandemic isolation, we’re all a little starved for human touch and affection — in other words, we’re horny.

But some cities are more turned on than others. 

LawnStarter ranked the Horniest Cities in America by comparing the 200 biggest cities based on nine key indicators of sexual arousal. Among the factors we looked at with our eyes wide shut: the share of the single population, Google search interest in adult content, and sex-toy sales. 

Dayton, Ohio takes the No. 8 spot, sandwiched between Newark, New Jersey at No. 7 and Tempe, Arizona at No. 9. The horniest city in America — "at the climax of our ranking," says LawnStarter — is Paradise, Nevada, just outside Las Vegas. 

Cincinnati ranks No. 136, so if you're looking to get your freak on, get ready for a short road trip to the Gem City.

LawnStarter also interviewed 800 adults about sex and COVID. 

  • 13.9% didn't have sex at all during the pandemic, versus 4.4% who had sex at least once a day.
  • 63% of those ages 18 to 29 said they plan to have more sex after getting vaccinated.
  • 40.53% of respondents said they would have post-pandemic sex with someone who isn't vaccinated.
  • 46% of Republicans were "most likely to engage in virtual sex during the pandemic."

They also made a cute little graphic with some of the results.

National Sex Day is June 9. And if you plan on doing it, here's a reminder to use protection: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ranked Ohio is No. 14 in the country for cases of gonorrhea and No. 22 for chlamydia.

See LawnStarter's full study results at lawnstarter.com.