What to Cook with the Recalled Cans of Skyline Chili

Who dey think gonna eat that cream of chicken soup?

click to enlarge Can you make Skyline Chili dip with cream of chicken soup? - Photo: Skyline Chili Vimeo screengrab
Photo: Skyline Chili Vimeo screengrab
Can you make Skyline Chili dip with cream of chicken soup?

When cans of a beloved local brand like Skyline Chili get recalled by the USDA, the whole city takes notice.

Less than a week after the Super Bowl (we don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to), when hundreds of Cincinnati fans were literally chugging cans of Skyline Chili, we learned that 3,360 cans of 10.5-ounce cream of chicken condensed soup were accidentally labeled as Skyline Chili by Morgan Foods, Inc.

That means that many Cincinnatians could have a can of this mislabeled treat sitting on their pantry shelves right now.

But if you open your Skyline can and find its contents to be gloopy beige rather than gloopy brownish-orange, that doesn’t mean your whole night is ruined — unless you were really craving Skyline, of course. There are still meals you can make.

Here are three:

Cream of Chicken Coneys
Look, it doesn’t take much imagination to make a cream of chicken coney. Let’s say you’ve already got the hot dogs, mustard, buns, diced onion and shredded cheddar all ready to go, but there’s no chili in sight. Just replace the chili with the condensed soup after thinning it out with your preferred liquid (typically water or milk, but you can replace it with a bit of Hudepohl lager in case you need that Cincinnati flair). Top it with cheese, and this could actually be a nice addition to your hot dog repertoire.

Chicken Carbonara 5-Way
Did you want to put Skyline Chili on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese? Cream of chicken soup pairs well with noodles to make what’s essentially a classic one-pot pasta dish. The Chicken Carbonara 5-way consists of spaghetti smothered in the condensed soup (slightly thinned out with chicken stock or more Hudy), shredded cheddar, bits of crispy bacon and peas. Add onion for a 6-way. A generous helping of black pepper is always welcome in this kind of dish.

Not-Skyline Chili Dip
Can you imagine the heartache of a Cincinnatian abroad who wanted to make Skyline Chili dip only to find out that their can of chili, lovingly stowed in luggage or shipped by friends and family, was a flat-out fake? Luckily, a good buffalo chicken dip can be made with a can of condensed cream of chicken soup — just use cream cheese, shredded cheddar, as much Tabasco-style hot sauce as you’d like and chopped rotisserie chicken breast. Combine all of the ingredients in a casserole dish and melt them together in the oven. It isn't Skyline dip, but it’s better than no dip at all.

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