Best Free OnlyFans Accounts to Follow: Ultimate List of the Top Free OnlyFans Girls

Although, with every model claiming to be the best, the real question to ask is "how do I find the BEST free OnlyFans accounts to follow?”

This is where our OnlyFans obsession becomes useful.

Here are the best free OnlyFans accounts with 100% free OnlyFans subscriptions in 2022.

Keep your wallets in your pockets and purses tucked away for this one.

Top Free OnlyFans Girls:

1. Aisha – Top Free OnlyFans Subscription

Top features:

  • On the exotic side
  • Gives freebies
  • Offers personalized content
  • Free subscription

This is another up-and-coming model on OnlyFans who’s out to give you free entertainment on the platform. She brings a dash of the exotic too, which some just love.

Aisha has already uploaded over 90 media files to her wall. Her gallery comprises 81 pics and 10 adult-only, pre-recorded videos. These come in handy especially when you don’t have enough bucks to buy some of her exclusive packages.

On the other hand, if you feel endowed in the wallet and want to order top-shelf content, then you can request a personalized bundle made just for you.

Another alternative is to buy from her gallery of exclusive content and ogle at her beauty or relish her voice as she explores what pleasure means.

2. Molly Sims – Free OnlyFans Content With Best ProductionTop features:

  • Great production values
  • Highly interactive
  • Robust video catalog
  • 1,000+ media uploads

Molly Sims might look like an angel but can be a charming devil once you get to know her. She has mastered the art of lustrous performance and knows how to deliver what makes her fans tick.

As of this moment, she has over 1,000 media uploads in her gallery among 1,033 posts. These numbers keep soaring by the day – giving you enough content to peruse when you’re lonely.

When it comes to production value, she comes second to none as she goes all out complete with a set design, lights, makeup, props – you name it! What you get in the end is an experience you’ll always remember.

Aside from that, most of her fans love that this cupcake is very interactive. Engaging her in the private chats (paid, of course) is really cool and you don’t have to cram a bunch of cheesy pick-up lines just to get her attention.

And if you want her to create custom content tailored to your needs, just show her how generous you can be and leave the rest to her tempting wits.

She’ll give you your money’s worth up to the last cent.

3. Haley Brooks – Best Free Onlyfans with Daily Posts

Top features:

  • Luxury niche
  • Creative short reels
  • Over 1,000 media uploads
  • Free subscription

Haley Brooks wins a top spot in this free OnlyFans roundup, thanks to her alluring profile and consistent video uploads.

As of the time of this review, this sweet fudge had already gotten well over 218K likes from her 1,000+ media uploads. This number is more than enough to keep you occupied on her page, what with all the good stuff on offer.

And if you like models with a bit of class, then Miss Haley Brooks will surely blow you away with her luxury-themed sets. Catch her by the pool or entertaining others in a bourgeois hotel suite.

To make it even better…

She came in with a fresh style of uploading short, TikTok-like videos on her wall to give you a taste of what she has in store for you. And as short as they may be, these videos will only have you imagining much more.

So, if you’re up for it and have a few bucks to spare, you can also check out her awesome catalog of exclusive content.

4. Paige Macky - Free Anime Onlyfans Girl

If you love cats, then you will surely love this talented anime girl who moans and purrs for your attention in her free and premium paid OnlyFans content. 

Subscribing to her free account lets you take a peek at her hot stuff without busting out the green. Her best content, though, is hidden in a vault behind her paid OnlyFans subscription that is both raunchy and affordable. Definitely worth the price.

She does cosplays, and will dress up like your favorite characters like Pikachu, CatWoman, and loads of other anime characters.

What else makes her special? Many things, really. Firstly is her beautiful petite frame crafted with a nice, succulent onion butt that will make you cry. Additionally, her personality vibe is somewhat quirky or ‘wacky’, in a good way, but playful and colorful, like a gamer girl you would see at an anime convention.

She has an account on almost every social media site from Twitter to YouTube where you can see her antics.

5. Sunny Rayez – Free OnlyFans Girl Next Door

Top features:

  • Girl-next-door personality
  • Customized content on request
  • Texting option
  • 100% free subscription

Sunny Rayez is the latest upcoming model that you need to watch out for. Just like her name suggests, this OnlyFans model will make your heart beam with pure gladness, as she explores what she likes and doesn’t like.

Given the short time she’s graced the platform, she’s already posted 80+ media files to her gallery and there’s no sign of her slowing down any time soon. So, make sure that you don’t stay away too long or you’ll have a hard time catching up.

Oh! And if you love the laid back, girl-next-door vibe, then this is your stop. Many fans love how easy it is to interact with her and this makes her convos all the more exciting.

Her pics and videos are pretty impressive and you’ll still get access to a majority of them even with the free subscription.


However, if you want something a bit more interesting, then consider paying for her rad exclusives. You may also go the extra mile and request personalized content if you have a specific something in mind.

5. Daisy Dray – Best Free OnlyFans Celebrity Look-Alike

Top features:

  • Latinx model
  • 400+ high-resolution media files
  • Lots of freebies
  • Free subscription

She’s one of the few OnlyFans Latinx models who know how to put on a good show. Daisy Dray is pretty generous with her goodies and her figure is something to marvel at for sure.

Perhaps what keeps most of her fans glued is her striking resemblance to the celebrity singer Ariana Grande. One could be forgiven for thinking that they might be actual sisters!

She currently has 421 media files uploaded on her page and has garnered almost 67K likes from them. Daisy also values quality performances and, as a result, uploads mostly high-res photos that reveal her gorgeousness in vivid colors!

What’s more?

Apart from her free subscription, this bunny throws loads of freebies on her wall to keep the fans company when she’s away.

Also, for a few extra bucks, she can create personalized content if you want a piece of extra-spicy action. Alternatively, you may decide to hop on a private chat session if you want to hear all of Miss Dray’s secrets.

That’s a deal worth checking.

6. Emmy Beehz – Most Chill Free OnlyFans Model

Top features:

  • All-natural model
  • Custom content on request
  • Fun personality
  • Free

This kitty cat is the ultimate definition of laid back. Emmy Beehz maintains a very calm yet fun demeanor that her fans adore.

With over 900 media uploads from her 924 posts to date, she’s gained a stunning 104K+ likes and the number keeps cranking up.

….guess she’s dishing out only the good stuff!

Join her party and take a swing at her 871 photos and 48 awesome videos if you want some eye candy for a lazy Friday afternoon.

This model maintains an all-natural look with no cosmetic modification whatsoever. All she needs to knock you off your feet is her killer figure and out-of-this-world poses.

To know more, then hit her up in the private chat if you have some extra bucks to spare. You can also check out her exclusives, red tapes and personalized content offers by subscribing to any of her premium content for paying fans.

7. Sara Mei Kasai – Guy’s Favorite Free OnlyFans Niche
Top features:

  • Japanese model
  • Two accounts
  • Over 1,700 media uploads
  • Free subscription and daily goodies

Sara Mei Kasai is undisputedly the best Japanese model on OnlyFans

Interesting is the fact that she grew such a huge following that she had to create two separate OnlyFans accounts on the platform. One is strictly for the paid premium content, while the other is a free page giving access to budget visitors.

At the time of this review, she had 1,754 media uploads on her page that have attracted a staggering 2 million+ likes so far from over 234K fans.

Glide through her 1,582 pics and 172 videos for your personal amusement. You won’t easily walk by this type of catalog anywhere else on the platform. Especially for free.

This hun also gets more pointers by dishing out daily surprises to her fans. You can say you’ll never miss a dose of goodness with Sara…

8. Tana Mongeau – Free Only Fans Subscription from a Barbie Doll
Top features:

  • Looks like a Barbie
  • Texting option
  • Very popular
  • Live shows

Tana is one of several models who made a leap of faith from their booming Insta following to the then-upcoming OnlyFans platform. As things turn out, that was perhaps the best decision that she has ever made in her career.

Lucky us!

This cute damsel has made a solid name for herself, thanks to her live shows and Barbie doll appeal. Hoards of guys flock to her page for a taste of beauty on display in her gallery.

At the time of this review, she had 473K likes from only 470 media uploads. If anything, that should tell you just how good she is at her job.

Want to dive into some saucy texting? Just make sure that you come with an open wallet and you’ll get a one-of-a-kind experience.

9. Lucy Tisane – Best Free OnlyFans Creator for Adults Only

Top features:

  • Adult-only chats
  • Sassy all the way
  • Themed stuff
  • Customized content on request

Lucy Tisane also entered the free OnlyFans party with a bang and is rapidly growing her fanbase, thanks to her super-fun personality and great content uploads. As of this moment, she had 4K+ likes and a total of 42.8K fans subscribed to her OnlyFans account.

She’s already put up about 398 media files on her wall. Of this, 312 are sassy pics while the remaining 86 are unspeakable videos we aren’t at liberty to describe in detail.

Her secret weapon is her unmatched prowess in chatting. She holds nothing back. All this under a free subscription?

Basically a dream come true.

If you want something more uncensored, check out her VIP profile. End of story.

10. Katelyn Runck – Top Free OnlyFans Fitness Freak

Top features:

  • Fitness niche
  • Frequent uploads
  • Highly interactive
  • Free account

Katelyn Runck is another success story whose gamble paid off when she ditched mainstream social media and, instead, dedicated her efforts to her OnlyFans page.

Most of her shows mainly revolve around the fitness niche. So, if you’re a workout junkie or love watching others push their bodies to the limit, then this account will sort you out.

On the downside, you won’t get NSFW or personalized content from Katelyn. She knows her lane and sticks to it.

What she does offer, however, is one of the best paid exclusive catalogs on the platform. Once you buy-in, you’ll get immediate access to her top-grossing video and photo content.

Best OnlyFans Runner-Ups With Super Cheap Subscriptions

11. Lucy is Loud – Special and Unique OnlyFans Page

Top features:

  • Extraordinary model
  • Fun and lively chats
  • Personalized content upon request
  • $3 for 31 days offer!

Lucy is the talk of the town, thanks to her unique niche as a differently-abled model. She’s mute, by the way, and not shy about the matter. But, don’t let that fool you as she can be quite loud when excited.

If you want in on the action, we suggest you start with the private chats first. As you get to know her, you can then try requesting customized content to experience her full ability.

12. Sam Slayres – Super Popular OnlyFans Creator

Top features:

  • Diverse media uploads
  • Sassy and daring
  • $3 per month
  • Very interactive

This lovely bunny is quite popular on the platform with some 366K+ likes and over 1K uploads on her OnlyFans gallery to lift your spirits. People love her across the board because of her sassy outlook and active interaction with fans whenever she comes online.

Don’t mistake her cuteness for innocence, though.

Sam’s one of the most daring OnlyFans models. Watch Sam shoot her exciting videos from very public spaces that’ll make you wonder if your mind isn’t playing tricks on you!

And for a $3 a month deal, it doesn’t get better.

13. Bella Bumzy – Best OnlyFans Gamer Girl

Top features:

  • Fun gamer niche
  • Open with fans
  • Great exclusive content
  • $3 per month

The bubbly Bumzy is that beautiful and sexy gamer girlfriend you constantly dreamed of but never had. You’ll find her lounging in the gaming room most of the time, in a chilled yet styled wardrobe that leaves some to the imagination.

If you want an OnlyFans model that is as interactive as she is attractive, then you’ll definitely score big with Bella Bumzy. To watch her alter-ego go wild in an exceptional performance, then you ought to unclip your wallet and buy some of her exclusive materials.

14. Kacy Black – Most Interactive Only Fans Model

Top features:

  • Highly interactive
  • Publishes teasers on her socials
  • 1K+ media uploads
  • $3 per month

Kacy Black is a very popular figure among netizens and is currently enjoying a gigantic following of over 900K followers on Instagram. Her OnlyFans account is a huge deal and has a popping gallery hosting more than 1,000 picture and video uploads to quench her fans’ thirst.

The best thing about Kacy is that she always throws a bunch of freebies in the form of teasers onto her social media accounts.

These serve to hook you, and give you a small taste of her 7-course meal that you’ll only experience when you subscribe to her OnlyFans page.

15. Zayla – Mature OnlyFans Creator

Top features:

  • Queen of the mature niche
  • Offers personalized content
  • Enticing gallery
  • $3 per month

This mature, curvy goddess on OnlyFans is the best version of an attractive stepmom that you’ll ever get. She’ll definitely melt your mind and while she thrives in this specific category, at first glance you might think she’s way younger.

Good genes?

With over 1.4K uploaded media files, you’ll never run out of things to watch in your down time. And if you’d fancy a more private arrangement, then all you gotta do is slide in her DMs and generously plead your case.

16. Cup of Carli – Top Outdoors Model on OnlyFans

Top features:

  • Lots of outdoors content
  • Very creative
  • 1K+ media uploads
  • $3 per month offer

Do you find yourself more attracted to outdoor environments? Then this beauty is your best bet and will never disappoint you with her content. This OnlyFans model has a smashing look about her and loves displaying it as she also takes in the beauty of nature.

She currently has over 1K media uploads on her OnlyFans page that includes some adult-only stuff. And as much as you’ll get to enjoy her creativity through her regular freebies, you should also consider buying her exclusives to get the best drink from the cup of Carli…

17. Riley Kwums – Body Positive OnlyFans Account

Top features:

  • Body positive OnlyFans model
  • High-quality media
  • Awesome custom content
  • $3 per month deal

Riley Kwums is the most popular model on OnlyFans under the body-positive category. She loves flaunting her all-natural curves and her mind-taunting body and doesn’t give a hoot about body modification.

She captures all of this confidence in high-res quality photos

Also, if you happen to get addicted to what she’s selling, then you can request personalized content to enjoy more of her sweet treats!

18. Maria Moobs – Best OnlyFans Daredevil

Top features:

  • Mainly exclusive uploads
  • Interactive DMs
  • Extreme performer
  • $3 per month

This cutey is no newb on the OnlyFans scene and has accumulated a whopping 270K likes on her official account. Perhaps her most loved attribute is the daredevil-style performances that she puts on in most of her exclusives.

Maria has a $3 per month offer currently running which gives you access to her mainly adults-only feed. There, you’ll enjoy a diverse collection of her stunning photos and videos. If you’re lucky, you might also stumble across some snippets that are too good to describe here.

19. Samantha Ava – Top OnlyFans Account for Yoga Niche

Top features:

  • Top yoga content
  • Unspeakable services available
  • Girls-only content
  • $9 a month

Samantha is a wild one, located in Bali, who brings her former yoga modeling skills into her OnlyFans content. You’d be wrong to think it’s corny, though.

You’re in for a shocker!

Catch her twisting into positions you never thought existed until you saw her. She enjoys throwing content parties too, and for a small amount, you can request adult-friendly services that could aid in your confidence.

Too mysterious? Just ask her…

20. Kat Aphrodisiac – Best OnlyFans Page With Frequent Uploads

Top features:

  • Constant content uploads
  • The real thing
  • Monthly gifts to loyal fans
  • $4 for 31 days

This model is an upcoming talent to watch out for and comes with “entertaining” written all over her pretty face. Kat is always active and ensures that there’s a steady stream of content for all her fans.

She also dabbles in creating custom videos tailored to your unique desires if you’re up for spending extra for it. Among her most popular shows include super adult stuff that we’d be embarrassed to discuss here.

21. Lola – OnlyFans Party Girl With VIP Content

Top features:

  • Top VIP content
  • Lots of playtime
  • Monthly gifts for renewing subs
  • $3.15 for 31 days

Lola brings extra oomph to the game, dressing with flamboyance. She’s a pleasure hog and has a sweet tooth for group parties too.

Most of the time, you’ll find her entertaining a crowd.

She only focuses on giving her fans the top, premium stuff. As a result, you’ll find that a majority of her content is for sale. Nevertheless, the tags shouldn’t scare you as you can see a ton of her cool uploads for free on her wall as well.

22. Victoria – Top Explorative OnlyFans Account

Top features:

  • Adults only
  • Mostly all-women performances
  • Unique prop usage
  • $3.15 for 31 days

Victoria is pure naughtiness embodied in one person. She’s out to explore anything the mind can think of. Whatever it is, she’s got you. Believe us.

This model also uploads mind-blowing teasers on her wall that contain the juiciest shows on the platform. If you want to catch more, then it’s only $3.15 for 31 days only.

23. Doutzen – Best OnlyFans for Inclusivity

Top features:

  • Amazing talent
  • Variety of content available
  • Full video uploads
  • $3 for 31 days

She’s a budding queen of content on the platform and has over 1.1K media uploads on her account at the moment. Miss Doutzen is a risk taker, that has never backed out of a challenge and believes in traversing uncharted waters, while offering up value for her fans.

Watch all sorts of dreams unravel in her full-length videos once you buy access to them from within her massive gallery. You can also frolic over exclusive shows if you want to experience her crème de la crème content.

24. Rosalia – Top OnlyFans for Customized Content

Top features:

  • Group fun
  • Personalized content upon request
  • Girls only
  • $3.15 for 31 days

This chick is a rocket dispatched to set you on fire with nothing but pure bliss. 

With slightly over 1.5K media uploads on her account, she’s gained 117K likes to this date as wanderers from afar continue to hear about this model.

This OnlyFans girl is a top performer in NSFW categories. She’s also not shy and knows how to put together wicked content that’s customized to suit your specific needs and interests!

Best Free Only Fans Pages FAQs

What Type of Content Is Offered on OnlyFans?

The type of content offered on OnlyFans is very diverse. However, the most popular content on OnlyFans falls under the adults-only and NSFW categories.

This has been the core of the platform since its inception back in 2016.

But in recent years, other types of content have made headway and are also growing, thanks to the fans’ warm reception. The new, developing categories include gaming, fitness, influencer, and celebrity content.

How Do I Find My Favorite OnlyFans?

To find your favorite OnlyFans model, you’ll begin with this list, of course.

That aside, searching for the best OnlyFans girls can be a strenuous task as OnlyFans doesn’t allow on-site model search. This is mainly because they want to keep their performers’ identities secure and private.

Nonetheless, you can still use third-party search engines to look up your favorite free OnlyFans model. Although for this to work, you’ll need to have the exact username of the model, otherwise, it’ll be a blind shot in the dark.

The other way you can explore is to look up your favorite model’s Instagram or Twitter accounts and check whether they have a link to their OnlyFans account put up in their bio.

What Do People Do on OnlyFans?

What people do on OnlyFans depends on the creator, however, their main objective overall is to produce or create content in any of the niches highlighted earlier for subscribers to consume.

To stay ahead of the game, you need to regularly upload quality content that satisfies your followers and gives them value for their money.

On the other side of the track, as a fan, you mainly log onto the platform to get the best of what your favorite model, performer, influencer or workout junky has to offer. Some of these accounts will require you to take up a monthly subscription to support the creators.

Is It Illegal to Have OnlyFans?

No, it isn’t illegal to have OnlyFans.

However, you must ensure that whatever you’re doing within the platform doesn’t contradict any law preset by your government. That’s all.

How Do I Start an OnlyFans?

To start an OnlyFans account, follow these steps:

1. Pick a focus, category or niche that suits you.

Doing this helps you narrow down your content and turn your creativity towards something you’re already good at. What’s your stick? What category are you passionate about? Start there and then decide on your overall OnlyFans vibe.

2. Setup and verify your OnlyFans account.

Set up your OnlyFans account by providing all the necessary details such as your name, age, location, etc. Verify your details through the OnlyFans verification stage to ascertain your identity. To complete this step, you’ll have to provide your government-issued ID or passport.

Announce your subscription price according to your level of skill and the type of content that you want to offer.

3. Spruce up your OnlyFans profile.

Add a catchy bio, username and upload only the best photos and videos to your gallery. This will give you an edge.

Promote your account through sponsored posts to make you more visible across the millions of users on the planet.

Which Is The Best Free OnlyFans Account in 2022?

Finding the best free OnlyFans accounts will depend solely on your taste and preferences.

But to save you the trouble…

For an all-around star who’s worth her salt and has some of the most creative videos on OnlyFans, then Haley Brooks will settle you just fine.

Otherwise, you’ll find loads of other niches and categories covered among our other favorite free accounts listed above.

Hope you had a blast…!

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