Cincinnati Reds Fan Says He Wants to Poop in Great American Ball Park's Toyota Tundra

To say it has been a shitty Reds season so far would be an understatement.

click to enlarge Great American Ball Park - Photo: Danielle Schuster
Photo: Danielle Schuster
Great American Ball Park

To say it has been a shitty Reds season so far would be an understatement. And one fan has a plan to make it a little shittier.

Reddit user anohioanredditer posted to the Cincinnati Reds subreddit that they want to poop in the bed of the promotional Toyota Tundra parked on an elevated platform near the TriHealth Riverboat Deck at center field in Great American Ball Park during the May 6 game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The post reads: "During the Friday May 6th game against the Pirates, I will be scaling the wall to defecate in the bed of the Toyota Tundra, if anyone can take photos of me, Iā€™d appreciate it. Also if anyone is down to also shit in the bed of the truck, meet me under the smokestacks in the top of the 4th inning. Cheers!"
Barstool Sports and Jomboy Media picked up the story, which has been making the rounds on other sports sites.

Pirates beat reporter Alex Stumpf also got wind of the stunt and posted to Twitter, "This is gonna be a good road trip."

The Tundra is part of a promotion wherein if a Reds player hits the sign located between the ballpark's replica steamboat smokestacks with a ball, a fan wins the truck. The sign reads: "Red hits sign, fan wins Toyota."

The truck was last awarded to a fan after a home run ball came inches away from hitting the sign in 2018.

Will the disgruntled anohioanredditer actually be able to scale the wall and empty their digestive tract into the truck on May 6? We'll have to wait and see, but Reddit commenters ā€” one of whom punnily referred to the Tundra as a "dump truck" ā€” suggested the fan load up on Cincinnati chili beforehand to ensure a smooth bowel movement. 
Upon wrapping up a losing series with the Colorado Rockies on May 1, Cincinnati's home team owns both Major League Baseball's worst record and the Reds' record for the worst start in franchise history. ESPN says the Reds also are tied for the MLB's second-worst record for the first 22 games of a season. 

As of May 3, the Reds are sitting on a 3-19 record for 2022 ā€” even worse than when the team went 4-18 in 2018.

The Reds won games only on April 7 and April 10 in Atlanta against the Braves as well as on April 24 when hosting the St. Louis Cardinals at Great American Ball Park. Cincinnati had an 11-game stretch of losses between the Braves and Cardinals wins, and now the Reds are in a six-game funk as they look toward a series with the 15-8 Milwaukee Brewers that will begin May 3. The Reds have been swept in five of their seven series thus far.

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