5 Best Essay Writing Services of 2022: An Overview

Every year, the essay-writing business draws an increasing number of new service providers. The specialty is seeing steady expansion. Perhaps it is because students, a large group of highly driven clients, utilize the sites often. Numerous individuals want to join the sector. Consequently, it becomes more challenging to determine trustworthy essay writing services that will not take your money without providing top writing services or anything in return. The organizations that made our list were assessed based on their paper quality, customer service, and return time. In addition, we combed through countless customer evaluations, forums, and articles to gather the advantages and disadvantages of different essay writing services. Below are the five best college essay writing services discussed in this article.

  1. CustomWritings.com
  2. FastEssay.com
  3. AdvancedWriters.com
  4. AffordablePapers.com
  5. WriteMyEssays.com

How to Find the Best College Paper Writing Services

There are several review systems that clients may rely on to find reliable essay writing services. Customers provide feedback on the services they have used. Since reputable platforms have tight review posting guidelines, most reviews are genuine. You may trust the information on Trustpilot and SiteJabber.

Besides, numerous essay-writing businesses provide consumer feedback on their websites. Occasionally, the reviews exist in video format. It allows you to contact the reviewer and confirm their genuine comment. There are also review websites where past students provide feedback on their essay writing service. On such forums, critics assist prospective students in avoiding being duped, as they formerly were. Therefore, it is probable that the information you will get is relevant and reliable.

Pinpointing a Genuine and Top Writing Service: Key Features to Look out For

Professional writers are always available to assist with creating essay papers. A genuine top writing service assumes the utmost responsibility for assigning your task to a qualified expert and protecting your data. Websites that provide such skills adhere to the highest security and data privacy standards to protect your information. In addition, they allow the appropriate solutions to avoid data loss, corruption, or leakage. They may gather both personal and non-personal details. Your password, phone number, email address, name, and credit card information are highly private bits of information.

If desired, you may provide the academic levels, degree, institution, year of graduation, and date of birth. Materials you supply for your assignment may include non-personal information. Typically, the Privacy Policy on the website describes how the data is handled and the legal basis for the processes. Technological, physical, and administrative safeguards (safety measures and the like) are used by such services to protect against dangers such as destruction, alteration, loss, illegal access, and so forth. Hence, nobody, not even the professionals handling your work, may access your personal information.

Landing on a Trusted Essay Writing Service

Select a reputable writing business with a high web awareness and a solid reputation. Avoid services with fabricated favorable evaluations on third-party websites. The same work may be resold several times. Students have, on occasion, been detected plagiarizing scholarly studies. In any event, it is a moral concern rather than a legal one. When purchasing someone's work, you are only permitted to use it for research and study reasons. It does not violate any academic rules.

Thus, there is no need for concern. In this instance, the essay should be produced according to your writing style and ability. Gradually, more students are paying for paper assistance to excel in their academic endeavors at school or college. There is nothing improper about obtaining a term paper or coursework from the best online writing services. If you never utilize a service that gives you more time for other things, your studies may be quite challenging.

Authenticity of the Best Essay Writing Websites

The best essay writing sites utilize plagiarism detectors and scanners to evaluate content originality and offer a report per your instructions. The techniques allow them to verify the originality of academic papers and provide formal documentation. Using sophisticated algorithms, they can look for commonalities among billions of documents and resources. Professional research paper writers correctly credit all sources according to the criteria mentioned and give exhaustive reference lists for each study. APA, Harvard, Chicago, or MLA styles facilitate the regulation of citations. You may rest easy knowing that every paper is created from scratch.

Every reputable website's Quality Assurance staff double-checks every work before providing it to you. Thus, it is nearly impossible to find a plagiarized text in the best essay writing websites. When you get material from reputable websites, you receive study examples of superior quality from specialists who have devoted years and years to their fields. They guarantee a well-considered and properly-researched piece that is not lacking in considerable content or information.

#1 CustomWritings.com

Although customwriting.com is rarely included in rankings of the cheapest top essay writing services, it is a leading competitor. The company has been operating for over a decade, and its longevity is evidence of its success. Numerous websites only endure 1-2 years. In addition, it might be hard to determine the truth about one of the companies that write essays for students. The same corporate organization controls multiple essay sites. It enables a business to shut down a failing location and start a new one without shame. Restarting and renaming a firm makes it simpler to dodge responsibility. However, Custom Writing is far more open than its competitors.

It might be challenging to discern if the site gives superior, trusted, and top essay writing services. Inquisitive prospective buyers may receive lukewarm impressions and a general absence of lengthy, well-written evaluations. Perhaps the sector has neglected its marketing efforts. Customers may, as would be anticipated, pay for proofreading, problem-solving, writing, and editing services. The service is not limited to just essay writing. You will also be able to acquire research papers, book reviews, academic projects in STEM subjects, legal papers, speeches, and lab reports.

Any form of academic paper is available to you. In terms of difficulty and breadth, you may anticipate essays beginning at the High School level. Then there are articles at the Bachelor's, Ph.D., and Doctoral levels. Also, you may not be interested in scholarly articles and want something more business-focused. In any case, the writers are well qualified to handle any task. The prices are around average. There are cheaper services available, but not by much. On average, projects with a week-long deadline are often charged $17 per page.

Besides, the company offers different discounts throughout finals and holiday seasons, enabling you to save even more money. First-time users are given 20% off, which is a substantial reduction independent of other factors.


  • There are writers with Ph.D. and Master’s qualifications that provide unmatched quality.
  • Free features and 100% originality guarantee.
  • Excellent client retention campaign.


  • A little more costly than comparable sites.

#2 FastEssay.com

This essay-writing service is always evolving and enhancing its functionality. The company refuses to tolerate any flaws and strives for perfection in whatever they do. Here, you will discover a wide variety of academic papers, each of which will be of high quality. The level was achieved by a specialized department that evaluates each essay for misstatements, errors, and plagiarism.

If there is anything that would raise questions, the document is returned to the writer for modification. After satisfying the department's specialists, the piece is sent to the editors. After undergoing so many examinations, the paper cannot possibly disappoint the consumer. The service will revise the document as often as necessary. The website for essays is even better because it charges less for the same quality of papers delivered by its equals in the industry. The amount charged per page starts at $10 per page.


  • Excellent quality and inexpensive service.
  • Delivers orders promptly (the quickest turnaround time is under three hours).
  • There are discounts for both new and returning clients.


  • Does not reveal the identities of its writers.

#3 AdvancedWriters.com

Purchasing essays online from advancedwriters.com is a secure method of managing your academic challenges. The inexpensive essay writing service maintains a high-quality writing style and offers free revisions to guarantee you are satisfied. After various evaluations, we can ascertain that it is a trusted essay writing service and may be relied upon. Extremely positive or negatively reviewed essay writing companies should be avoided. If a firm has just bad evaluations, you should not give it any consideration.

Conversely, if the majority of reviews are good, it might also be a trap. It is common for essay writing services to pay for favorable feedback. A tiny number of individuals will then saturate the internet with praise, creating the appearance that the service is exceptional. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid them. As with any commodity, an economical essay-writing service will gratify some customers while disappointing others. The best website to write your essay will have diverse ratings, avoiding the manufactured positivism of certain platforms. Advanced Writers is, thankfully, one of these websites. There is praise and criticism, most of which is positive.

Additionally, their site has an attractive layout and color scheme. The webpage is maintained as basic and user-friendly as possible, allowing even non-tech-savvy individuals to use the professional essay writing platform easily. Also, the site has existed in a market segment that does not support permanence. The first version appeared in 2008, but current users would not recognize it. It seemed more like the homepage of a ticketing or entertainment business. The current design is lighter and more trustworthy.

In addition, a pricing calculator is incorporated on the homepage for customer convenience. It provides an estimate of the amount of money that will be required. It will be an approximation since additional elements cannot be considered while keeping the tool basic and user-friendly.


  • Absolute privacy.
  • A fair cost for remarkable quality.
  • Consistent quality makes it a reputable company.


  • They give no plagiarism report.

#4 AffordablePapers.com

Affordable Papers is not a new brand in the field. Since its founding in 2008, the firm has assisted hundreds of students in writing essays and college papers of varying degrees of difficulty. The site is not as well-known as other firms on this list, but it demands your attention since it is one of the few that can offer excellent papers for a cheap price. Most academic papers are composed by English as Second Language (ESL) writers with master's and bachelor's degrees. There is no restriction on the number of revisions that may be requested for an order.

Due to this, it is reasonable to assume that the organization values its reputation and strives to ensure customer satisfaction. For one-page essays with a deadline of two weeks, the service charges just $7. If you need it sooner, the cost per page will increase. A one-page paper with a turnaround time of one day will cost you $21. In any event, a calculator on the homepage provides a general idea of the cost of your paper.


  • Prices are super affordable if you choose a long deadline.
  • You may rely on a prompt and dependable essay writing service to produce your assignment by the deadline you choose.
  • The website provides a positive user experience and is straightforward to browse.


Since the site mostly employs ESL writers, it may be difficult to locate an ENL writer for your particular essay.

#5 WriteMyEssays.com

Write My Essays is a legitimate essay writing service that seems too good to be true at first sight. It has an almost disproportionate number of good ratings and a Sitejabber rating of 4.7 stars. However, it is not advisable to depend exclusively on evaluations from a single website. Therefore, we scoured the market and attempted to calculate an average and compose a more accurate evaluation. We discovered that it is a solid company with a high possibility for development.

While there have been few customer complaints about the quality of the writing in the past, the company has assured its clients that they are committed to ensuring high-quality work through reduced grammatical errors, better word selection, and improved overall English language skills. The site has hired exclusively skilled foreign essay writers from their platform, to make sure no low rates and poor-quality work occur, even if you decide not to choose a native speaker for your essay.

Also, the firm has employed strategies to recover payment for a failing academic paper at the time of writing. A refund or rewrite policy is now an industry standard and is included in every experience. Therefore, prospective clients should not be afraid of using Write My Essays. In addition to several pleasant impressions, the website has performed its roles in ensuring its clients have the best possible experience. The firm does not deal with non-professional experts, so the likelihood of a poorly-written paper is low. Notable about them is their excellent customer care staff, which will stop at nothing to ensure your satisfaction.


  • Reasonable pricing, frequent discounts.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Revisions and refunds.


  • Most writers are foreign.

Best Essay Writing Services FAQs

The journey to finding the best essay writing service raises lots of questions. Here are some of them.

How do essay writing services operate?

Essay writing companies that offer academically authored materials serve as middlemen between students and the best paper writers. The organizations assist university, high school, and college students achieve academic excellence. They use expert authors and editors and ensure ethical servicing. Your research objectives may be met, and experts in many fields of study can produce a properly prepared paper.

For most websites, the algorithm is simple. You specify your order specifications by filling out a form and attaching the appropriate files. The subsequent step is to make payment. Then, based on the research directions, the most applicable professional with the right knowledge works on your order. Finally, you get a preview, which you can examine, approve, and download.

Are essay writing services legitimate?

Yes, essay writing services are legitimate if you get an essay from a reputable firm. They assist students in overcoming obstacles by completing their academic obligations. The best essay writing company that writes essays for you was designed to provide respite and relieve stress for students. The concept may seem like a luxury, but it is essential for sustaining your emotional and physical wellness. Customers who use academic writing services get unique papers prepared from scratch within the tightest deadlines, allowing them to devote more time to other aspects of their life, such as caring for children, assisting family members, and going to work.

Essay writing services may also be an excellent option for first-year students who want more time to comprehend how the college operates. Some of us are not as adaptable as others, and professional help is something that will prevent college students from being demotivated and fearful of their future. The experts do the research on your behalf. They may assist you in continuing learning while having to face other challenges. More importantly, they do not diminish your intelligence. Rather, they help you persevere. The best essay writing services ensure the confidentiality of their clients. Hence, anonymous professional assistance may keep you afloat when you're in difficult periods.

How do I know I’ve selected the best writing website?

There is no certainty since each choice contains too many variables. Suppose, for instance, that you visit a restaurant. A few of the waiters are terrible, but most are competent. Can you ensure you will not be given a waiter with a poor reputation? Of course not. It is impossible to prevent receiving bad service, even when using the best online essay writing services. You are responsible for choosing a college paper service provider for which poor outcomes are the exception, not the norm.

Customers should stick to a website with several favorable evaluations across different platforms. They must ensure that the business is established. Scam websites seldom last for years. Also, price is not necessarily an indication of quality, contrary to common opinion. There are dishonest paper writers with exorbitant prices whose work leaves much to be desired. Have that in mind when settling for the best websites for writing essays.

Is it illegal to pay for essay writing services?

No, receiving help with writing is not unlawful. The services are identical to tutoring and advisor support. They are not illegal. In addition, they provide editing and proofreading services, which are in great demand among students and lecturers, journalists, and authors. Scammers are the only thing you need to be wary of. Due to the growing demand for the best essay writing services, several dubious web providers exist. They arise everywhere, every day, and imitate reputable websites. It might be challenging to determine whether you are seeing a genuine website. Often, fraudsters grab clients' money and offer badly written or nonexistent essays. Here are the four primary indications that the service is fraudulent.

  1. There are fake reviews.
  2. There is no standard price policy.
  3. There is no connection with essay writers.
  4. There is no registration information.

If you avoid such businesses, you will be safe.

How much does it cost to purchase an essay writing service?

On the vast majority of essay writing websites, the price per page for a research paper begins between $12 and $13. However, the cost is impacted by several characteristics and aspects. They include:

  • Duration of completion
  • Writer's classification
  • Number of pages
  • Educational level
  • Type of study and subject
  • Further services

Some academic research works are less expensive, while others demand a higher level of credentials and expertise from the professional writer, who must deal with computations, statistics, and empirical study to validate the unique material. Therefore, their prices may be relatively higher. Most reputable websites include a calculator for cost estimates. They are among the best online essay writing services you can find. You may utilize it before making an order for an essay.

Alternatively, you may submit a free inquiry or contact support to determine the ultimate price for your work. Personal discounts might also be discussed with the agents. Nonetheless, the quality of the job counts, not the price. Complicated research and analysis need laborious effort, which should be adequately compensated.