In Their Own Words: 1st Congressional District Candidates Steve Chabot and Greg Landsman

Chabot and Landsman suggest why voters should choose them.

click to enlarge 1st Congressional District candidates Steve Chabot (left) and Greg Landsman - Photo: Steve Chabot (Left) provided by campaign website; Greg Landsman provided by candidate
Photo: Steve Chabot (Left) provided by campaign website; Greg Landsman provided by candidate
1st Congressional District candidates Steve Chabot (left) and Greg Landsman

Editor's note: This story is featured in the Nov. 2 print edition of CityBeat.

In October, CityBeat sent questions to pairs of candidates in several key local and state elections.

Candidates in each race received the same series of questions, the same instructions for completing and returning their answers, and the same deadlines for publication. CityBeat began with known campaign or employment email addresses and followed up with private social media messages, phone calls and/or texts, depending on what was available.

Responses from the candidates are below and are in their own words (answers may have been lightly condensed for space). Not all candidates replied to CityBeat’s requests.

Republican Steve Chabot is running for reelection as the incumbent U.S. representative for Ohio’s 1st congressional district — which largely encompasses Cincinnati — and has held the position since 2011. Democrat Greg Landsman, a Cincinnati City Council member of five years, is challenging Chabot for the title.

Steve Chabot -

CityBeat reached out to Chabot multiple times and did not receive a response by press time.

Greg Landsman -

What is the foremost issue affecting Ohio?
We have to make it easier to raise a family. That starts with getting costs down and wages up. It also means making Ohio a place that families want to be. We have to restore reproductive rights, repair our infrastructure and invest in our children and schools.

What will you do differently or better than your opponent?
Chabot voted to overturn the 2020 presidential election. I will vote to protect our democracy. Chabot voted against codifying the rights to abortion, contraception and same-sex marriage. I would vote to protect these rights. Chabot voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that would replace the Brent Spence Bridge. I will vote to improve our roads and bridges. Chabot repeatedly votes against efforts to raise wages and cut costs. I will vote to lower costs and increase wages because we have to make it easier to raise a family.

In what specific ways will you affirm and support LGBTQIA+ residents within your district and throughout Ohio?
I will vote to pass the Equality Act to protect LGBTQIA+ residents from discrimination under federal law. I will be a no-vote on attacks on trans children. On Council, I’ve worked to make Cincinnati as inclusive and supportive as possible. I’ll continue this in Congress.

What do you believe is the state’s role in individual healthcare decisions and access?
In Congress, I’ll work to restore the right to privacy that was afforded by Roe v. Wade. Personal healthcare decisions should not be made by government officials.

What is the first item on your to-do list if you were to take office?
Protecting our democracy. My opponent voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election and just weeks ago he voted against efforts to stop another coup from happening in the future. I’ll also immediately get to work lowering costs because our families desperately need relief.

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