Bootsy Collins Now Has His Own Coffee Blend and it's Funkin' Fantastic

The Bootzilla Blend is described as being bright and sweet, with flavors of dark chocolate, orange, black cherry and walnut.

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Bootzilla Blend Coffee

King of funk Bootsy Collins isn't just a legendary musician, he's also an entrepreneur with a growing line of Bootzilla merch. The funkateer now has his own coffee blend.

The Bootzilla Blend Coffee is a handcrafted blend that features three different coffee beans from Latin America. The beans were grown at a high altitude and in volcanic soil before being medium roasted, reads a product description.

"This complex blend pays homage to the high quality of coffees produced by our Latin American Neighbors," according to the description. "Coffee Beans from Latin America tend to have a very distinct set of flavors and textures, depending on their roast. They are often grown at high altitudes in volcanic soil which gives them brightness and sweetness."

The tasting notes are described as sweet with flavors of dark chocolate, orange, black cherry and walnut, with an aroma of daffodil-like flowers.

The Bootzilla Blend retails for $19.99 for a 12-ounce bag, which comes in either whole bean or ground, as well as regular or decaf. You can buy it here.

And coffee isn't Bootsy's only move into the product world. He recently collaborated with collectible creator Super7 to release the Bootsy Collins ReAction Figure, a Bootsy miniature donning one of his famous jumpsuits and starry sunglasses.

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