Cincinnati's The Bootleggers Music Group Nominated for Nationally-Recognized Independent Music Award

The music collective has members from all seven continents.

click to enlarge The Bootleggers Music Group - Photo: Provided by The Bootleggers Music Group
Photo: Provided by The Bootleggers Music Group
The Bootleggers Music Group
A Cincinnati-based music group was nominated for a nationally-recognized independent music award.

The Bootleggers Music Group is up for a Josie Music Award as Music Business/Organization of the Year. The Bootleggers is headquartered in Cincinnati, but its influence and members are internationally based.

As a collective, the tunes The Bootleggers produce are faith-based and often released in multiple languages. Because of its global reach, The Bootleggers say they exist on an “eighth continent” without borders or ownership. The collective’s mission is to unite people through music and create a more caring and loving world. The output spans genres from Americana to rap, classical and folk. It was founded in 2020 by Paul E. Jones.

The Josie Music Awards is one of the largest award shows in the independent music industry. In its ninth year of operation acknowledging outstanding independent music, it honors hundreds of independent artists in categories such as Tribute Artist of the Year, Concert Series of the Year, Album of the Year and Media Company of the Year among many others.

The 2023 Josie Music Awards will take place at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville in October.

According to a press release by The Bootleggers Music Group, over 50,000 nominations were made in all categories. “It is very humbling to know that we have been selected to go to Nashville in October,” Paul E. Jones, CEO of The Bootleggers Music Group, said in a release.

The category of Music Business/Organization of the Year has 5 nominees, including The Bootleggers. The others are The Song Shack, a songwriting and music business school in Tennessee; Five String Studios, a studio that provides veterans guitar lessons in North Carolina; Room 17 Productions, a charitable music and arts organization in Kentucky; and HeroSongs, a record label in Florida.

The Josie Music Awards’ website says its nominees are among those who shape the independent music industry. “The awards recognize and honor the exceptional talent and contributions of those who shape the independent music industry globally. It is considered the most grand recognition for the hard work and dedication of the nominees and winners,” the website reads.

Since its inception 3 years ago, The Bootleggers’ Jones has written, co-written or produced more than 100 songs.

“Producing something for everyone, no matter what their faith or belief, The Bootleggers Music Group’s lineup soon expanded to include not just fellow musicians, but producers, writers, and composers from all over the world,” Jones said.

You can listen to The Bootleggers Music Group sounds on its website, Spotify and Pandora.

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