After Joey Votto Admits to Never Trying Cincinnati Chili, Gold Star Offers a Seat at Their Table

The admission came during a Twitter Q&A Monday night.

Apr 5, 2023 at 10:16 am
click to enlarge Will Joey Votto become a Gold Star fan? - Photo: Provided by Gold Star (L); Ron Valle (R)
Photo: Provided by Gold Star (L); Ron Valle (R)
Will Joey Votto become a Gold Star fan?

Cincinnati Reds star first baseman Joey Votto may soon become a Gold Star fan. The restaurant is offering Votto the chance to try their chili after Votto admitted on Twitter to never having tried Cincinnati chili, despite living in the Queen City since 2007.

“Alright, Reds fans, chilling on the couch in Louisville (day off, just drove up last night after the Nashville series) listening to the game on REDS ARE ON THE RADIO (700 WLW)! Hit me with any questions about the game for the next few innings while we listen,” Votto tweeted Monday night.

Among the questions asked, one query in particular stole the show. Twitter user Chris Caskey posed, “What’s your thoughts on Cincinnati Style Chili and if you like it, are you a Skyline or Gold Star guy???”

“never.... gulp.... had it SORRY,” Votto replied, sending Reds fans and Cincinnatians into a reaction-GIF-replying frenzy.

Among those replies were calls to rectify this grave oversight, and that’s where Gold Star stepped in: “After hearing the heartbreaking news that Joey Votto has never tried Cincinnati-Style Chili, Gold Star has offered to help change that,” Gold Star said in a press release.

The Cincinnati-style chili chain reached out to Votto on Twitter personally, offering him a seat at their table.

“Hey @JoeyVotto we need to fix this ASAP! Our CEO Roger David would personally like to introduce you to Cincinnati Chili.”

Will Votto accept their offer and be converted into a forever Gold Star fan? Time will tell. As of this writing, Votto hasn't responded to the offer.

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