Bar Talk: Nonta Perkins

Senior bartender at MOTR Pub and Woodward Theater

For our annual Drinking Issue, we chatted with a handful of Cincy bartenders and mixologists to pick their brains about which cocktail they make that's their favorite and where else they drink when they aren't at work.

Name: Nonta Perkins

Title: Senior bartender at MOTR Pub and Woodward Theater

Favorite Drink to Make: My go-to cocktail is what I like to call MOTR Pub fruit punch. It was created in my younger years of bartending when I worked in Northside (where we) called it the Nonta Bomb. The ingredients are cherry vodka, energy drink and cranberry juice. I also enjoy making what I call Sparkling Lemonade (citrus vodka, fresh-squeezed lemon, triple sec and sparkling water or Sprite). It is refreshing for hot summer days. 

Favorite Place to Drink After Work: I live in Newport, so if I am not hanging in OTR at MOTR or the Woodward Theater, I choose The Office or Miller’s Fill-Inn or Jerry’s Jug House. I prefer low-key dive bars to have a cheap beer and play games. 

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