Batesville, Indiana's Schmidt Bakery to Begin Shipping Famous Cherry Thing-a-Ling's Straight to Your Home

You can now skip the line to enjoy this delicious once-a-year tradition

Jan 29, 2020 at 10:23 am
Cherry Thing-a-Lings - Photo:
Cherry Thing-a-Lings

Batesville, Indiana's Schmidt Bakery has a tasty tradition nearly 50 years in the making.

Once a year during President's Day weekend, the bakery offers their beloved Cherry Thing-a-Lings, a fried fritter-like donut made with cherries and topped with a sweet cherry glaze. People travel far and wide for the limited-time treat, but this year they're helping fans of the famous pastry skip the line. 

The bakery is now accepting online shipping orders so that devoted fans can enjoy the mouth-watering donuts without leaving the house. Orders for Feb. 11 must be called in before 5 p.m. on Feb. 10 and Feb. 18 orders must be called in before 5 p.m. Feb. 17. The bakery will take orders on the deadline dates until they reach their maximum shipping amounts, so place your orders early. 

Orders must be called in at 812-934-4501; the bakery does not take online orders. The donuts are shipped by the dozen ($33 with shipping) or two dozen ($55 with shipping). 

Schmidt Bakery suggests warming up your Thing-a-Ling in the microwave to enjoy it in its tastiest form.

The history behind the famous donut stems from the legend of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree. The bakery began making the donut in the early 1970s. The tradition has gained so much popularity over the decades that they made 125,440 donuts last year and the City of Batesville threw a Cherry Thing-a-Ling festival. 

Schmidt Bakery, 125 Batesville Shopping Village, Batesville, Indiana.