Bridges Nepali Cuisine to Open Second Location on Court Street Downtown

The restaurant is slated to open the first week of April

Mar 1, 2019 at 4:40 pm
click to enlarge Bridges lets customers build their own bowls - Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Bridges lets customers build their own bowls

Northside Nepali eatery Bridges is expanding and opening a second location at 133 E. Court Street downtown. Slated to open the first week of April, this second space will feature a similar fast-casual menu as the one found at the original eatery, plus breakfast.

"We are extremely excited about our second location," says Bridges owner Ashak Chipalu via email."Our main goal is to serve and satisfy the hungry folks of downtown and introduce them to the wonderful flavors that Nepali cuisine has to offer. All recipes come from my mom, Rose Chipalu, who is very passionate about cooking and loves to explain the food and culture to anyone new."

The restaurant name — Bridges — encourages diners to use food as a means of connecting to new cultures, which makes sense because Bridges is the first full Nepalese restaurant in the area. Cincinnati is inundated with various styles of Indian and Chinese. Though a different type of cuisine, the Nepalese food served at Bridges strikes a similar chord to those familiar flavors — ginger, garlic, cumin, chili pepper and cilantro — while imparting concentrations of smoky spice that elevates the simple ingredients. 

At the Northside location, diners can build their own bowls or combos, with additional soups, sides and samosas — all for under $15. To build the bowls, lentils are poured on top of basmati or a brown rice base before a stew-like entrée is added, acting as a creamy, flavorful emulsifying bond between starch and protein. Diners can choose from meat options like grilled chicken tikka masala or haku chuala (smoked chicken) or vegan dishes including cauliflower and potatoes or aloo wala.

Guests at the new space can expect a similar experience and similar build-your-own options. 

"We have been a part of Strauss Troy Market and World Fare event in Fountain Square for the last two years. We have got a really positive response and we are grateful that people love our fast-paced concept and the flavors we served them," says Chipalu. "We are very excited with the massive development in the Court street area, and we believe Bridges will be able to make a lot of people happy in downtown."

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