Buzzed Bull Creamery: Dessert and Drinks in One

Set to open this spring in Over-the-Rhine, Buzzed Bull will be the world's first alcoholic liquid nitrogen creamery, serving up alcoholic ice cream flavors like margarita, honey bourbon and bonfire.

click to enlarge Buzzed Bull will use liquid nitrogen to create alcoholic ice cream. - Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Buzzed Bull will use liquid nitrogen to create alcoholic ice cream.
As swimsuit season rapidly approaches, you may be thinking to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if Cincinnati acquired the world’s first alcoholic liquid nitrogen creamery, complete with made-to-order 5 percent alcohol-by-volume frozen desserts?”

If you’re hoping to spend the summer sipping on/eating alcohol ice cream, you’re in luck, because the Buzzed Bull Creamery is slated to open shortly on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine.

Scrolling through Facebook, you’ve probably seen the video of Italian pasta being prepared in a giant wheel of melting cheese or the rainbow bagel trend still sweeping the boroughs of New York City. Unfortunately, Cincinnati isn’t where new global culinary crazes happen... usually. But Buzzed Bull Creamery is truly the first of its kind. 

“We are a team of Cincinnati natives, born and raised,” says Kaitlyn Mounce, one of the seven people behind Buzzed Bull. “The concept of Buzzed Bull Creamery was built from our kitchens over the course of three years. We thought, ‘How can we combine alcohol and ice cream?’ and, so they say, the rest is history.” 

After researching how to combine alcohol and ice cream — which happily involved quite a bit of taste testing — the team found that using liquid nitrogen yielded the best results, lending a smooth, creamy texture to the alcohol-infused frozen dessert. 

While no one on the Buzzed Bull team is a scientist by trade, there is a bit of chemistry taking place when each frozen dessert is created. Liquid nitrogen is an odorless, colorless, safe-to-eat element that freezes the ingredients it comes into contact with, including alcohol. But to someone who has plenty of bottles of liquor in the freezer still in liquid form, the chemistry behind Buzzed Bull’s frozen desserts seems like magic. 

The flavors soon to be available seem magical as well. The menu is under wraps for the time being, but Mounce gave a few hints as to what will appear. 

“Our most popular alcoholic flavors are honey bourbon, margarita and bonfire,” she says. “The bonfire is one of our specialties — a combination of marshmallow-flavored base, Fireball whisky, graham crackers and chocolate chips.” 

And for the kids, Buzzed Bull will offer non-alcoholic treats. 

“The most popular non-alcoholic flavors include peanut butter, cookie dough, coffee and cake batter,” Mounce says. “Any of our alcoholic flavors can be made non-alcoholic and visa versa.” 

Besides available flavors, Buzzed Bull will have mix-ins, such as nuts. Non-dairy bases will also be made available.

Originally slated to open March 31, Buzzed Bull has pushed the creamery’s opening date as per this message posted on Facebook: “You deserve nothing less than our best. Especially with the support you have and continue to provide. With that said, we will be postponing our March opening and will be releasing a specific opening date in the very near future.” Regardless, there’s already quite a buzz on social media; the creamery has garnered more than 1,000 likes. 

Finding a central OTR location was a blessing to the team behind Buzzed Bull, who wanted to be a part of the artistic culinary boom of the neighborhood. However, the search proved difficult — until they stumbled upon a listing for a space on Main Street, next door to music venue Woodward Theater. 

“By the end of that business week, we had fallen in love with the space,” Mounce says. “After we signed our lease for 1408 Main St. and announced to the public we were coming, the community has been so welcoming to our concept, it has been overwhelming.” 

As the final weeks trickle by until the opening of Buzzed Bull, you can follow their progress on social media with the hashtag #KeepTheBuzzGoing — one that will most likely be used by Cincinnatians posing with their alcoholic desserts once Buzzed Bull opens its doors to the public.

“Being a team of seven born-and-raised Cincinnatians, it’s amazing how the city has teamed up and rallies behind us. It really leaves us speechless most days,” Mounce says.

BUZZED BULL CREAMERY is slated to open on Main Street. More info:

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