Cincinnati's Chefs' Warehouse Now Offering Home Delivery After Coronavirus Business Shift

The business works with some of the most popular restaurants in the city — Sotto, Boca and Jeff Ruby's – and is now offering their top-notch ingredients delivered to your door

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Cincinnati's Chefs’ Warehouse is a service that delivers high-quality food to chefs and restaurants across the country, and it has recently expanded business to offer delivery to homes throughout the nation.

The Queensgate warehouse, which delivers ingredients to popular Cincinnati restaurants like Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment, Boca, Sotto and Goose & Elder, is selling those same ingredients to people who want to recapture the taste of their favorite restaurants without leaving the house.

Groceries can be purchased from its website and are delivered in refrigerated trucks. For orders above $250, delivery is free. An email from the business acknowledges the steep cost, but says that is approximately what a family of four normally spends on groceries. The release also recommends partnering with neighbors to avoid shipping costs.

Jon Corcoran, a regional sales manager for the company, said that the Chefs’ Warehouse’s ability to find high-quality ingredients for the best chefs across the country is what makes it special.

“Now, we’re able to open that up to regular, everyday people,” he said. “Instead of going to a restaurant, they can go on a website and buy the same stuff that the chefs in your favorite restaurants buy.”

Originating in New York City, the Chefs’ Warehouse has been around for over 35 years working with the best chefs in cities across the country, Corcoran added.

“When the world basically came to a stop on March 13 — or whenever it was — we had a lot of food to sell,” Corcoran said, “and we knew that if we didn’t find a way to exhaust some inventories and find a different way to be able to continue to do business, it was gonna be hard to continue.”

Ten percent of its profits are being donated to food workers impacted by the pandemic and charities like the Salvation Army, World Central Kitchen and City Harvest, among several others. The company has donated over $1 million to food to charities since March.

Orders can be placed at

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