Cincinnati's MadTree Brewing Introduces New Year-Round Legendary Lager

Each Legendary Lager can features a story of a figure who overcame adversity and achieved greatness. First up: heavyweight champ Ezzard Charles.

click to enlarge MadTree's Legendary Lager - Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Photo: Hailey Bollinger
MadTree's Legendary Lager

A new year-round lager from MadTree Brewing is "classic, crisp, and celebratory," according to a press release about the new brew.

MadTree describes the Legendary Lager as "balanced" with "a light kettle hop aroma." The MadTree website adds that the beer lands in the midpoint “between a craft Pilsner and Macro American Lager,” complete with “floral notes followed by a dry finish.” 

Each Legendary Lager can features a story of a figure who overcame adversity and achieved greatness. The first edition highlights Ezzard Charles, who was an esteemed heavyweight boxing champion, jazz musician, tailor, veteran, and community activist from Cincinnati.  

“We’re proud to introduce the first story in the MadTree Legendary Lager series with the heavyweight champ and community hero, Ezzard Charles. ” MadTree co-founder Brady Duncan says in a press release. “Throughout the series, we’ll roll out other exciting legends and their story to spark your inspiration and bring you ways to share the legends in your life.”

MadTree will give part of the Legendary Lager proceeds to the Cincinnati Parks Foundation to support Laurel Park in Cincinnati’s West End, a nod to Charles growing up nearby and graduating from Woodward High School. A statue of Charles is expected to be erected in Laurel Park this October, at Cincinnati Park’s Third Annual Ezz Fest, the press release says. The statue is the result of a gift from the Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation.

MadTree Legendary Lager 12-packs can be found at local retailers in the Greater Cincinnati area. For more information, visit MadTree's website.

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