Congrats Cincy, We Made No. 2 Most Fast Food Restaurants Per Capita

According to Datafiniti, Cincinnati really likes fast food

Jun 26, 2018 at 2:58 pm
click to enlarge Congrats Cincy, We Made No. 2 Most Fast Food Restaurants Per Capita

This city is known for many things, be it our rich German heritage, our unwavering love for our hometown sports teams, our Cincinnati-style chili or our beloved Fiona the Hippo — the list goes on.

However, if you live in, were born in or have paid a visit to our Cincinnati 'burbs, you may have noted that this city has a whole lot of options when it comes to picking up a bite on-the-go. Maybe that's what brought you to the suburbs in the first place? Either way, Cincinnatians really, really like fast food. 

In fact, we like it so much that a new national ranking by Datafiniti, a web data collection/analysis company, has placed our city at No. 2 for the Most Fast Food Restaurants Per Capita. Which is another highly-regarded achievement for Cincinnati after receiving news Tuesday morning that Cincinnati Children's Hospital rose to the No. 2 spot for Best Children's Hospital in the nation. Keep up the good work Children's — with all these burgers, our fate is in your hands.

The study looked at our country's top 100 cities by population in order to narrow down the specifics on who has the most fast food restaurants. Cincinnati, with 13.2 locations per 10,000 residents, fell between Orlando at No.1, with 18.4 locations per capita, and Las Vegas at No. 3, with 13.1 locations per capita. A rather surprising sandwich of cities considering they both pull in large crowds year-round because of their tourist attractions. 

The study also considered which fast food restaurants were the nation's most popular. The top three were Subway (18.5 percent), McDonald's (11.3 percent) and Burger King (5.7 percent). Cincinnati ranked No. 4 for Cities with the Most McDonald's per 100,000 residents, totaling 11.7 restaurants per capita. That's a whole lot of Big Macs.  

A previous version of this story had an incorrect spelling of Datafiniti.