Covington's rose&mary Bakery Pop-Up to Open New Cafe for Small-Batch, Scratch-Made Pastries and Savories

The local farmers market pop-up is getting a brick and mortar

click to enlarge rose&mary Bakery - Photo: Instagram/roseandmarybakery
Photo: Instagram/roseandmarybakery
rose&mary Bakery

Covington's culinary scene is growing, welcoming rose&mary Bakery on Dec. 12 at 39 W. Pike St., located right around the corner from Braxton Brewing Co. 

The bakery and cafe, with a name that honors co-owner and lead baker Chase Maus' late grandmother and aunt (Mary and Rose, respectively) who helped to raise him, will offer an inclusive destination where visitors can enjoy scratch-made pastries, breads and cafe bites.

click to enlarge Cronut with vanilla pastry cream and hibiscus glaze - Photo: Provided by rose&mary Bakery
Photo: Provided by rose&mary Bakery
Cronut with vanilla pastry cream and hibiscus glaze

The business began as a pop-up in 2019, building relationships within communities at farmers markets across the Greater Cincinnati area. Eventually the brand connected with local cafes and bookshops to offer their popular baked goods for wholesale. Maus says they're temporarily pausing on pop-ups while preparing for their grand opening, so if you're in need of your rose&mary fix, stop by The Fix Coffeehouse & Bar, VillaMocha, Roebling Point Books & Coffee or Sidewinder Cafe for a taste.

The bakery team is small but mighty, consisting of the aforementioned Maus, the co-owner and a self-taught baker who focuses on pastries and "the sweeter side of things;" Connor Frenck, chef and baker who oversees the cafe's menu; Truly Withorn, another baker who oversees the "day-to-day must-dos" as well as pastry production; and co-owner, investor and CEO Barry Churbock, a family friend of Maus. 

"I was approached by a family friend who had taken notice of both my passion and my work ethic and wanted to sit down to discuss my goals and dreams as a baker — Barry wanted to know what it was that I wanted to achieve with my baking and where I wanted to run with it," says Maus in an email.

"Barry and I had found one another and had solidified our friendship atop those values that I previously mentioned: passion and hard work. Barry has said from day one, 'If you are passionate about what you do and your work hard, you work to get better every day, the rest will just fall into place.'"

And over the past year, things have rapidly done so. The bakery has over 2,000 followers on their Instagram, which is studded with mouthwatering creations ranging from stuffed-charcoal croissants, sweet and savory danishes, donuts, pies and more. Maus says they also plan to host "pizza nights" at the brick-and-mortar in addition to their baked goods and cafe offerings. 

But what makes this bakery so special transcends the Instagram-worthy appearance of their treats. When it comes to their craft, rose&mary takes their time, creating small-batches with a focus on making ingredients rather than items. Maus says their bakery pushes beyond what many consider "scratch-made."

"We process all of our fillings, many of our own soft cheeses, nut pastes and butters, jams and jellies and grain flours. We dry some of our own spices, we even grew quite a bit of our own summer produce and edible garnishes this past summer at the Incubator Kitchen Collective," Maus says.

Moving forward, Maus says they plan to connect with local businesses for the things they can't make themselves, expanding and adapting to a "locally-produced concept."

When creating the name for his business, Maus took inspiration from his family. And while memories of his aunt Rose and grandmother Mary didn't revolve around cooking together, Maus says he cherishes the principles they instilled in him, like kindness, acceptance, generosity and gratefulness.  

click to enlarge Plum and almond pinwheel - Photo: Provided by rose&mary Bakery
Photo: Provided by rose&mary Bakery
Plum and almond pinwheel

"The story behind rose&mary isn’t of another baker who grew up learning to love the trade by baking with his grandmother… it’s quite simply an homage to the people who taught me how to live in their light," he says.

"They guided me to the trade in other ways. Most importantly they taught me to be grateful — grateful for the opportunities to stand, to move, to create, grateful for this freedom of expression and grateful for the opportunity to feed, to nourish, to love through food, humbly and kindly."

rose&mary Bakery will host its grand opening starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 12. 

For more info, follow the bakery on Facebook or Instagram

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