Dunkin' Donuts Introduces New Donut Fries

A new breed of donut

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Starting today, Dunkin Donuts will offer up a hybrid you never really knew you needed. Do Donuts + Fries = a reasonable breakfast?

You can get ‘em for $2, laced in sugary, dough-y wonder. Made with a buttery croissant-esque batter, the dudes are then tossed in cinnamon sugar and served toasty warm. Earlier this year, the chain gave the new product a test run (in their hometown of Boston) with happy results. But, grab them while you can because they’ll only be available for a limited time.

According to Tony Weisman, chief marketing officer, Dunkin’ Donuts looks to put creativity and passion toward new donut inventions that keep consumers coming.

True to his word, the franchise announced three new products.

  • Brown Sugar Cold Brew: No artificial flavors. For sweetener, flavored brown sugar syrup is added in. This cold brew is made by-hand in smaller batches; the coffee is steeped in cold water for 12 hours—long enough to extract dark chocolate-y notes.

  • Chocolate Coconutty Donut: As its name suggests, this crispy dude has coconut cream filling complete with real flakes. On top, it’s frosted with chocolate icing and crumble-y shortbread cookie chunks. >

  • Shark Bite Donut: Here’s some good representation of our misunderstood ocean friend. On top of white icing, this take is completed with friendly shark-shaped sprinkles.

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