East End Pizza Joint Taglio to Take Over the Former Lachey's Space in OTR

Detroit-style pizza, baby!

click to enlarge Detroit-style Margherita pizza - Photo: Provided by Taglio
Photo: Provided by Taglio
Detroit-style Margherita pizza

Taglio, the Columbia Tusculum pizza joint from brothers Nick and Jared Wayne (also of A Tavola) and partner Jake Goodwin, is expanding into Over-the-Rhine and taking over the space once occupied by sports bar Lachey's at 56 E. 12th St. The new location will open June 17.

click to enlarge Nick and Jared Wayne, owners of A Tavola and Taglio - Photo: Jesse Fox
Photo: Jesse Fox
Nick and Jared Wayne, owners of A Tavola and Taglio

Taglio is known for both its traditional and deep-dish Detroit-style pizzas (with housemade sauce, A Tavola sausage and bacon and fresh mozzarella), among other menu items, and the fact that they deliver their entire menu — including wine and beer. 

We chatted with Taglio general manager Steve Schoch via email to get more details about what the OTR iteration will be like.

CityBeat: What can patrons expect from the new location at the old Lachey's space? Will it be like a sit-down pizza parlor? Or an order at the bar and then find a seat kind of thing? 

Steve Schoch: The new location will feature a similar aesthetic as the current Taglio, including table and bar service, as well as a private area for events and parties. Whether it's a quick bite or a full dining experience, we'll be providing the atmosphere to casually or formally enjoy craft cocktails, curated wines, and Cincinnati- or Detroit-style pizza. We will also continue offering pick-up and delivery to the surrounding neighborhoods. 

click to enlarge Nero Manhattan cocktail - Photo: Provided by Taglio
Photo: Provided by Taglio
Nero Manhattan cocktail

CB: Will you have a liquor license? Cocktails? Wine? Beer? The same sort of Italian influence? And house wines?

SS: Taglio OTR will be quite similar in its menu offerings as the current Taglio. Craft cocktails, curated wines, house (locally-collaborated) and craft beers as well as the light beer favorites. Expect the same Italian influence with respect to the appreciation for culinary and beverage pursuits. We will continue to offer house wines and house beers.

CB: Let's talk food menu? What will be the same? Different?

SS: The menu will most likely be synonymous with the current location. If anything, hours may be adjusted to better service the late-night clientele of the OTR/surrounding neighborhoods.

CB: What exactly is "Detroit-style" pizza?

SS: Detroit-style pizza... what's not to love. It's airy yet dense, crunchy yet soft; it allows one to experience the subtleties in high-quality ingredients without overpowering one another. Using our dough (always made in-house daily), it's reshaped in rectangular pans and set aside to fully settle into the corners. Whole milk mozzarella is generously put around the edges to provide the crust. Cheese, sauce on top, toppings. The cook time is slightly longer than most traditional pizzas due to the need for the dough to cook and rise at the same rate as the cheesy crust caramelizes. Without getting into the history of Detroit-style pizza, it is simply delicious and the corner pieces are coveted for their two-sided crusts. Pepperoni & Hot Honey or the Bianco is a must-try for anyone interested in experiencing this style of pizza.

click to enlarge Bianco Detroit - Photo: Provided by Taglio
Photo: Provided by Taglio
Bianco Detroit

CB: And then since nightlife is so big in OTR, are you seeing this as a blend of a bar and a restaurant? Or just a restaurant? What kind of hours are you thinking? Late-night? Any grab-and-go slices?

SS: We will be both a bar and a pizzeria. Game days we will show all the hottest games being broadcast, day-to-day we will provide lunch and dinner to everyone in the surrounding area. We encourage guests to come and dine in any way they feel comfortable. Stop in for drinks and grab an appetizer, come for dinner to celebrate with family, pop in for lunch at the bar, swing through on your way home from work to pick-up your evening's order. We are here to cater to the neighborhood and people that make OTR what it is today and tomorrow. Hours may differ from the current location, late-night bar and food service is definitely something we are hoping to provide. Slices may or may not be making a return... I can't comment on that right now.

CB: What about delivery?

SS: We will absolutely be delivering! One of the most exciting parts about expanding to OTR is the ability to redirect our current limitations on delivery radius and provide service to more of our guests. The exact radius is still in development but we hope to include as many neighborhoods as possible, including the Business District, Mt. Adams and Clifton (UC) campuses.

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