Evanston's Sugar + Cream Coffee House Announces Grand Opening Date

Get ready for caffeinated beverages, plant-based bites and a laid-back vibe this March

Mar 4, 2020 at 10:36 am
click to enlarge Sneak peek of the space - Photo: Facebook.com/creamandsugarcoffeehouse
Photo: Facebook.com/creamandsugarcoffeehouse
Sneak peek of the space

Cincinnati's Evanston neighborhood will soon be home to a new cafe called Cream + Sugar Coffee House in the space once occupied by a coffeeshop called Community Blend. 

The shop is owned by two African-American women, Taren Kinebrew and Crystal Grace, who have been friends for over three decades and have individual businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the city.

The two say they wanted to work together to create a space that would empower members of the community as well as future entrepreneurs while incorporating their passions for coffee and food.

Officially opening at 9 a.m. on March 21, Cream + Sugar will serve coffee, breakfast and lunch with a focus on locally sourced and plant-based ingredients to patrons throughout Evanston, the Xavier community and beyond. 

Both Grace and Kinebrew own businesses in the service field, separate from their forthcoming joint venture. Grace owns Sharonville's Grace + Grit Spa and a nonprofit called What Love Does, which offers free self-care services to cancer patients and their caregivers. Kinebrew is the owner of Over-the-Rhine's Sweet Petit Desserts, which offers a variety of bite-sized desserts, as well as a nonprofit called Junior Baking Series that teaches youth who are interested in a baking career

The duo decided to open their coffeeshop in Evanston for several reasons. The historically black community is not only where Grace grew up, but is also where she owns her home and feels most connected, she says.

After Community Blend closed, there was a void at the corner of Brewster Avenue and Montgomery Road that needed to be filled. For Grace and Kinebrew, it was an opportunity to be a part of Evanston's up-and-coming business district, and to provide healthy food in a community where it isn't always easy to come by.

Organic coffee and tea for the shop will be sourced locally, and the team has hired a chef to work on a menu for the cafe.

"We chose the plant-based route for most of the menu to educate people that you can eat great food without high amounts of bad fats," they explained in an email interview. "We are two African-American women who recognize that heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes run rapid in our culture and we want to offer an alternative to combat those sometimes fatal diseases."

The two want to find other ways to connect and serve the community as well.

"We are looking forward to the partnerships we will build while also implementing a mentor program for children 7-10 years of age," they explained in a press release.

According to Kinbrew and Grace, the ambiance of the space will evoke a calming vibe, with shades of blue and teal, and will offer window seating as well as lounge space for larger groups. 

For more info, follow their Facebook or Instagram.

Cream + Sugar Coffee House, 3546 Montgomery Road, Evanston.