Founder of La Terza Coffee Opens Adesso Coffee Shop in Downtown Mason

The coffee shop offers traditional Italian espresso drinks and seasonal bites that represent the flavors of the Ohio Valley, with plans for a wide variety of workshops and events

Mar 11, 2020 at 10:28 am
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Adesso Coffee

Downtown Mason is growing, welcoming a new coffee shop to its line-up of locally owned restaurants and drinking destinations along Main Street. 

Adesso Coffee opened its doors on March 8, offering traditional Italian espresso beverages as well as a menu focused on seasonal bites that represent the flavors of the Ohio Valley. 

Shop owner and founder of local coffee roaster La Terza Coffee Chuck Pfahler was born in Italy, so choosing an Italian name for his cafe felt like the right way to honor his home country —  also the birthplace of espresso. Adesso means "now," a word which Pfahler resonated with when studying Italian prior to his and his wife's honeymoon to Italy.

"This, to me, is the essence of coffee. Adesso is the most sacred of all spaces, the most important moments in time," Pfahler said in an email interview.

Pfahler set his sites on this particular location for several reasons: He is close friends with the owners of nearby Mason establishments The Wildflower Cafe and The Common Brewery and is a Mason High School graduate, a factor that Pfahler says helped to bring him back to his roots.

The goal behind the cafe is to offer more than just a place to grab a cup o' joe. In addition to offering ethically sourced coffee, teas from around the world, dishes that explore both local and global flavors and seasonal cocktails, Adesso will be a place where people can come for an experience. 

Pfahler plans to host a wide range of events and workshops for the community to connect with food and food sources.

"We'll have our dairy farmer come out to teach us about his milk and how it is produced. We'll offer opportunities to visit farms of our local producers. We'll also extend opportunities to visit our producers around the world and share in travel experiences with us," Pfahler said. "We just returned from our first group trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. We visited palenques and learned how Mezcal is produced."

He also mentions workshops that include making salsa from your garden, indoor mushroom growing, cheese making, latte art and more. 

In addition to caffeinated sips, local bites and experiences, Adesso plans to offer wine by the glass as well as to-go. 

"Adesso is about 'savoring the now.' It's 'Coffee + Moments,'" Pfahler said. "Coffee is a daily ritual. It's not meant to be a vehicle for caffeine delivery and mindlessly consumed. If just for a moment we can stop, pause, unplug from the barrage of distractions and simply just exist in this moment and enjoy. I think if we can make this our daily ritual, our lives would be a whole lot better."

Adesso Coffee, 125 E. Main St., Mason.