Frisch's Big Boy to Serve Coca-Cola Products

After five years with Pepsi, the diner chain is switching back to its first soda love

Jun 18, 2018 at 11:31 am
click to enlarge Big Boy loves Coke - Photo: Provided
Photo: Provided
Big Boy loves Coke

Coca-Cola has returned to one of Cincinnati's legendary diners: Frisch's Big Boy.

Frisch’s CEO Jason Vaughn announced the holy soda matrimony on Monday. The move comes after a five-year stint with Pepsi, which was made in 2013. Before that, the chain diner was engaged in a 50-year relationship with Coke.

Since the switch to Pepsi, Vaughn said that Coca-Cola “is the single-most requested menu item.”

And, to bring back their first love, he says they have worked “diligently to make this transition happen.” The deal is anticipated to be complete by September. (UPDATE: Surprise! As of July 27, you can enjoy Coke at Frisch's once again.)

The announcement followed social media hype on Friday, when the company riled up speculation about an upcoming change — most guessed that switching the brand of pop would be in its future.

The move has already sparked joy, though. One Twitter user, Jay Dixon, comments, “After years of complaining, Frisch’s has heard our cry. Welcome back Coke! A Vanilla Coke from Frisch's just tastes better.”

Aside from vanilla, people are pretty dang excited about being able to order a Cherry Coke, too. Here’s to hoping Frisch’s Big Boy and Coca-Cola’s polar bear won’t break up for a long time.