Graeter's Ice Cream Releases Fourth Secret Bonus Flavor of the Summer

It has a little island flavor...

Jul 15, 2019 at 10:08 am

click to enlarge Piña Colada ice cream - Photo: Provided by Graeter's
Photo: Provided by Graeter's
Piña Colada ice cream

Graeter's Ice Cream has a secret — five of them. The company is introducing five limited-time Bonus Flavors and each will be kept a total secret until the day it's released. Each Bonus Flavor will be available for a short time and once it's gone from Graeter's shops and online, it will be retired for the year. 

The first flavor, released May 13, was the Malted Pretzel Ball, featuring a vanilla malt base and chocolate covered pretzel balls. Graeter's second Bonus Flavor, released June 3, was Amaretto Crunch, with almond-flavored ice cream and crushed almond toffee candy. The third flavor — B105 Honeycomb ice cream, inspired by Graeter's now-out-of-production Molasses Sponge Candy — was released June 24.

The fourth Bonus Flavor is Piña Colada: "a rich coconut ice cream mixed with chunks of sweet pineapple and just a hint of rum," according to Graeter's. It is being released July 15.

The fifth and final flavor will debut on Aug. 5. 

Find the ice cream at Graeter's locations and online.

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