Hate Mail, Beer-Making Monks and Chef Romy

Now that I've received my first piece of reader feedback for The Dish, which commented on my "bland reporting" of crepes last month (and other things I won't mention here), I will be sure to make things sound more exciting this month.

Now that I’ve received my first piece of reader feedback for The Dish, which commented on my “bland reporting” of crepes last month (and other things I won’t mention here), I will be sure to make things sound more exciting this month. That shouldn’t be difficult, since there’s quite a lineup ranging from Chef Romy’s whereabouts to eco-cooking classes at Park Vine.

So, on to Chef Romy Jung. Many folks have been wondering about his whereabouts. Formerly the chef at The Palace Restaurant, Romy is now at the home of the singing servers, Vito’s Café in Ft. Thomas. To celebrate Romy’s arrival, Vito’s has introduced a new Sunday Brunch from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

In completely unrelated news, Morton’s — The Steakhouse is celebrating beer-making monks this month. On Oct. 24 from 6:30-8 p.m., Morton’s will offer a special tasting of the Belgian Trappist Ale Chimay, which has been brewed by Trappist monks at the Abbey de Scourmont in southern Belgium since 1862. Unfiltered and non-pasteurized, Chimay is the kind of beer purists love. Made with 100 percent natural ingredients, it’s crystal clear, and depending on the type, sweet and creamy. It’s perfect as a substitute for wine with cheese, but Morton’s will serve their Chimay with Tuna Tartare Canapes, Filet Mignon Sandwiches and other hors d’oeuvres. The cost is $45 per person, but $5 goes to the Make-a-Wish-Foundation. For reservations, call 513-621-3111.

Enlightenment-quality beer is pretty exciting, but here’s something that might be even more so — Taste of the Levee is coming to Newport Oct. 4. You can take in the night air while listening to Leroy Ellington & the E-Funk Band (and other bands) and snacking on fare from Brio Tuscan Grille, Café Istanbul, Claddagh Irish Pub and Dewey’s Pizza, among other Levee restaurants. Fare runs $3 and under.

Something else to celebrate is that Rookwood Bar and Restaurant has returned to Mount Adams. No longer Porkopolis, with a menu that contained more pig references than the discourse of our 2008 presidential election, Rookwood will return to “the bar and grill concept that once thrived within its walls for nearly 25 years.” Rookwood is open for lunch and dinner. Call 421-5555 for hours.

Both Bonefish Grill and Teller’s of Hyde Park have changed their menus. Bonefish has introduced “handhelds” (petite cuts and flavorful salads) for lighter dining, and Teller’s has transitioned to more complex, sophisticated fare, relying more on meat than they did with their previous cuisine.

Finally, and very importantly, Park Vine will be offering eco-cooking classes, including one called Vegetarian Thanksgiving Nov. 8. The class starts at 10 a.m. Registration is $35 and includes vegan food samples, recipes and educational materials. For more information, call 513-721-7275.

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