Here's When Greater Cincinnati Creamy Whips are Opening for the 2020 Season

Spring is just around the corner...

Feb 25, 2020 at 12:29 pm
Gold Top Dairy Bar - Photo: Sami Stewart
Photo: Sami Stewart
Gold Top Dairy Bar

Some creamy whips have already opened their windows for the 2020 season, which means warmer weather, little league games and balmy evening ice cream runs can't be too far off... right?

Here are the opening dates for Greater Cincinnati creamy whips that we know of so far:

Feb. 15: Mr. Gene's Dog House, 3703 Beekman St., South Cumminsville,

Feb. 28: Loveland Dairy Whip, 611 W. Loveland Ave., Loveland,

March 1: Mt. Healthy Dairy Bar, 7840 Hamilton Ave., Mount Healthy,

March 1: Flub's Dari-ette, 997 Eaton Ave., Hamilton,

March 6: Zip Dip, 4050 Drew Ave., Bridgetown,

March 13: Cone Zone, 4101 Harrison Ave., Cheviot,

March 14: Silver Grove Dari Bar, 5178 Mary Ingles Highway, Silver Grove,

March 20: Gold Top Dairy Bar, 2810 Blue Rock Road, Mt. Airy,

March 30: Putz's Creamy Whip, 2673 Putz's Place, Mt. Airy,

“March”: Dojo Gelato Northside, 1735 Blue Rock St., Northside,

“Mid-March”: Whipty-Do, drive-thru window is open now but their walk-up is opening mid-March; 2529 Montgomery Road, Mainville,

April 1 (if the weather is nice): Norwood Delite Creamy Whip, 4490 Forest Ave., Norwood,

April 1: The Cone, 6855 Tylersville Road, West Chester, 

April 10 (with a grand opening party on April 16): Bold Face Dairy Bar, 801 Mount Hope Ave., Price Hill,